GED preparation and test-taking skills

Designed to prepare students to pass the four sections of the General Educational Development test and build upon test-taking skills necessary to become a successful test-taker.


• NC.BCSK050 – Test-Taking Skills
• NC.BCSK080 – Academic Skills I
• NC.BCSK085 – Academic Skills II
• NC.BCSK100 – GED Preparation
• NC.BCSK110 – GED Preparation – Math/Science
• NC.BCSK120 – GED Preparation – Language Arts/Social Studies
• NC.BCSKE21 – Grammar and Sentence Writing

Registration Instructions

Students interested in the GED preparation and test-taking skills program will need to first fill out a continuing education/noncredit application. After filling out and submitting an application, students can register for the GED preparation and test-taking skills program courses.

Application and Registration