land surveying

Coming Spring 2020

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Certificate Program

GNSS technology has become a Land Surveying industry standard and there is an increasing need for Land Surveyors with GNSS technology skills. This program will provide students with a fundamental understanding of GNSS technology, Geodesy, field techniques and applications, GNSS data adjustments, processing, and analysis, and map projections. The purpose of the program is to provide both current surveyors and those new to the profession the skills and knowledge needed to conduct and process surveying projects in the workplace using GNSS technology.

  • NC.SURV 010 - Principles of GNSS Technology
  • NC.SURV 015 - Fundamentals of Geodesy
  • NC.SURV 020 - GNSS Leveling
  • NC.SURV 025 - Survey Data Adjustments
  • NC.SURV 030 - GNSS Techniques
  • NC.SURV 035 - Map Projections
  • NC.SURV 040 - Control Surveys Using GNSS
  • NC.SURV 045 - GNSS Processing and Analysis