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ASL Courses Offered


Courses offered in the American Sign Language Department

SIGN 101  American Sign Language I
SIGN 102  American Sign Language II
SIGN 103  American Sign Language III
SIGN 104  American Sign Language IV
SIGN 110  American Deaf Culture
SIGN 111  Fingerspelling
SIGN 112  Interpreting: Principles & Practices
SIGN 113  Creative Uses of Sign
SIGN 114  Working and Socializing with Deaf-Blind People
SIGN 200  Specialized Signs & Settings
SIGN 201  Interpreting I
SIGN 202  Transliterating I
SIGN 203  Sign to English Interpreting/Transliterating I
SIGN 204  Interpreting II
SIGN 205  Transliterating II
SIGN 206  Sign to English Interpreting/Transliterating II


Student using sign language.