During this pandemic, TEACH committed to providing students, professionals, and community members with online resources, events, and conferences. 

Future Educators Club Meetings

  • Monday, 9/14 - Thursday, 9/17: Virtual Transfer Fair for Universities of California

    Monday, 9/21/20: Work Place Communication Strategies: Participants assess and optimize current workplace communication skills by building a communication toolkit that will illustrate clear verbal and nonverbal messages (online)                                                                                                 

    Saturday, 9/26/20: WELCOME to the new “Normal” - TEACH ACADEMY ZOOM MEETING – 10:00am -2:00 pm 

  • Monday, 10/5 - Friday 10/9: Virtual Transfer Fair for California State Universities

    Monday, 10/5: CRITICAL THINKING (PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION MAKING): Develops analytical thinking, decision making and problem-solving techniques. Apply judgment and insight to break problems into component parts and apply deductive reasoning. (online)

    10/19: Adaptability- Identify and develop strategies for becoming more adaptable and managing stress in the modern workplace. Emphasis is placed on technological and social changes in the modern workplace and developing needed career skills (online)

    Saturday, 10/24: Step up to TEACH / Ask an Expert – TEACH ACADEMY ZOOM Meeting - 10:00am -2:00 pm 



    Friday, 11/9 – Empathy: Examine the importance of empathy in relationships and collaborations. Emphasis is placed on building strong connections and utilizing good listening skills to understand the needs of customers, and co-workers from differing points of view (online)               

    Friday, 11/9 - Digital Fluency: Identify and utilize the technological tools needed to build a professional online presence. Develop the skills needed to become more comfortable with the technology being used for researching, collaborating, and communicating (online)

    Friday, 11/9 - RESILIENCE:  Examines skills needed to have a healthy relationship with failure and remain competitive in the modern workplace. Emphasis is placed on embracing momentary failure, taking time for reflection and corrective action, and exploring techniques to learn from setbacks and continue to move forward.  (online)            

    Friday, 11/30- Social Diversity-Awareness: Develop an understanding of diversity in the workplace including gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, and disability (online)

    Friday, 11/30 -Self-Awareness: Explore the link between personality and preferred work environment. Build self-awareness by interpreting and applying personality results to educational, personal, and career goals (online)

Professional Development

  • As part of a Bringing Theory to Practice grant involving the collaboration of College of the Canyons, California State University, Los Angeles, and the University of La Verne, as well as with the support of College of the Canyons, we are pleased to announce a very special presentation and workshop by one of the nation's leading scholars on Generation Z, Dr. Corey Seemiller, scheduled for September 11th from 1:00-3:15 p.m. (See attached flyer.) Dr. Seemiller will address Generation Z: Who Are Our Students in a timely and informative discussion of today's college students. Gen Z is different that any other generation, especially when considering student interest to engage in social issues, make a local and global difference, and tackle today's "wicked" problems through social innovation.

    Please register and specify which break-out topic you would like to discuss during the workshop. A Zoom link will be sent to attendees before the date of the presentation. To register, visit

  • Saturday, September 26, 2020. All day, anywhere in your community!

    The 2020 Neighborhood Cleanup is coming to your neighborhood! This is an all-day event that takes place throughout the community. Keep Santa Clarita green by participating in the Neighborhood Cleanup and Online Environmental Expo! Take part in this fantastic opportunity to do something good for your neighborhood in a safe and positive way. Visit one of the drive-thru locations between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to pick up trash bags, free giveaways and a drought-resistant plant - while supplies last. 

    To learn more about the event, find the closest event drive-thru locations for supply pick up or to pre-register online as a participant, please visit or call (661)284-1415.