The Types of Teachers

Preschool Teacher

What you need:

Suggestion Education: 

  • Associates Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • COC’s Certificates of Achievement

Elementary School Teacher

What you need:


 Education Specialist 

What you need:

Middle/ High School Teacher

What you need:

Substitute Teaching

What you need:

The CBEST vs. The CSET


Taken mainly by those who want to earn a multiple subject teaching credential to teach elementary school.

  • California Basic Educational Skills Test
  • Fulfils the basic skills requirement for the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
  • Time: 4 Hours
  • Three sections
    • Math: 50 multiple choice questions
    • Reading: 50 multiple choice questions
    • Writing: 2 essays
  • Electronic tests can be taken year round at a testing center
    • Appointments are first come first serve
    • COC is a testing center
    • Cost: $41 test fee per registration, $61 CBT service fee
  • Paper based test are offered once a month
    • Cost: 41 test fee per registration
  • A passing score of 123 is required for all 3 sections
  • You can take each section separately or all together, whichever section you don’t pass, you retake only that section
  • Once you pass all 3 sections, you are good FOR LIFE


Taken to mainly by those who want a single subject teaching credential to teach jr. high school, or high school

  • California Subject Examinations for Teachers
  • Fulfills the subject matter competence for a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
  • Fulfils the basic skills requirement for the Single Subject Teaching Credential
  • Some credential programs fulfil this requirement
  • 3 subtests
  • Subtest I: reading, language, literature, history, and social science.
    • 52 multiple choice questions, 4 short answer questions
  • Subtest II: science and math
    • 52 multiple choice questions, 4 short answer questions
  • Subtest III: physical education, human development, and visual and performing arts
    • 39 multiple choice questions, 3 short answers
  • Time:
    • Subtest I: 3 hours
    • Subtest II: 3 hours
    • Subtest III: 2 hours and 15 minutes
    • All 3 tests taken at same time: 5 hours
  • Fees: $99 per subtest taken separately, $247 for all tests taken together
  • A passing score of 220 is required per subtest


Additional Resources

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  • Professional development
  • Current issues and movements happening in the field of education

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