Teaching and Learning Center

Welcome to the College of the Canyons Teaching & Learning Center!

The COC Teaching and Learning Web Center has a path with many branches.

If you are a teacher interested in the specific programs for teaching improvement and professional development that are available at College of the Canyons, then follow the path of Faculty Development Programs at College of the Canyons.

If you want quick information about a variety of common teaching and learning topics, follow the path About Teaching and Learning.

Many other community colleges, colleges and universities have teaching and learning centers as well. Their web sites contain information about their faculty development programs and information about teaching topics that are not on our site. If you want to contact them or just explore what is available on other campuses, follow the path of Teaching and Learning Centers. Why reinvent the wheel? Some activities performed by teachers are very common and repetitive. Having a template can save time. If you might want to use a template to perform some teaching function, follow the path of Faculty/Teaching Templates. The World Wide Web has a potentially infinite number of paths to information on teaching and learning. If you want to tap into some of that information without having to search it out, follow the path of Resource Treasure Chest. Youll find links to a number of interesting web sites on numerous teaching and learning topics.