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What is The Learning Center (TLC)?

The Learning Center (TLC) is a FREE tutoring resource which provides assistance to current COC students seeking to supplement classroom instruction and reach their educational goals. COC ID required. The Learning Center is located adjacent to the Library in LTLC-126 on the Valencia campus and Room 306 on the Canyon Country Campus.

Mission Statement

The mission ofThe Learning Centeris to develop student skills, prepare students to be independent learners, create a community of learning, and develop a passion for teaching among student tutors.

TLC Policies

  • Student ID Card: College of the Canyons student ID cards are required to use TLC services (with the exception of the Testing Center). ID cards can be obtained through the Campus Life & Student Engagement (Valencia Campus Student Center, Room 102; Canyon Country Campus, Building 1B).
  • Registration: As required by Title 5 of California Code of Regulations, in order to utilize TLC services, each semester, students must register for the free, non-credit course, NC.TUTR-94.Students can register for TLC during the first visit of each semester.
  • Textbooks: TLC has over 600 textbooks available for student use within the center. If TLC doesn't have a copy of your book, let us know and we will do our best to get it.
  • Private Study Rooms: Groups of two to six students can reserve a private study room in TLC for two hours at a time.Study rooms are equipped with flat screen TV/computer monitor, PC, lecture recording capabilities and white boards. See additional policies related to study rooms.
  • Computer Use: TLC computer use is restricted for work related to COC classes. Students must periodically save work, and TLC is not responsible for any lost work due to technical difficulties.
  • Food/Drink: Drinks must be in a sealable, spill-proof container with a lid/cap that screws tight. Food is not permitted in TLC.
  • Children: Children are not allowed inside TLC. In addition, TLC will not permit unattended children to be left anywhere on the premises. TLC assumes no responsibility or liability for children. Students may be refused TLC services if accompanied by a child who will be unattended during the time the student is receiving services.