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Humanities, Social Studies, and Modern Languages


  • Both credit and non-credit Faculty may earn FLEX credit in an academic year. Tutors and staff will discuss Learning Center methodologies, common practices, and Writing Center best practices and pedagogy with faculty.
  • Tutors and staff will also introduce faculty to student needs in a tutorial setting and needs of tutors and staff in order to provide the best possible service to our student body.
  • Tutors and faculty will work together to create a tutor-presented workshop designed to train tutors on a specific content area, or provide professional development for tutorial staff.


  • FLEX is available for faculty to participate in our Tutor Training Workshops as faculty mentors/facilitators for tutors who will be conducting the workshops.
  • Workshops will fulfill the TLC Mission Statement by helping tutors prepare students to be independent learners, creating a community of learning not only among students and tutors, but a collaborative atmosphere between faculty, and tutors who have a passion for teaching.
  • The tutors will gain experience in creating and presenting workshops under the mentorship of faculty and staff.
  • Faculty will be trained in tutoring pedagogy, methodology, and Writing Center practices while they assist tutorial staff in creating curriculum for tutor training workshops utilizing Writing Center best practices.
  • Faculty will gain insight into how TLC tutorial services can be incorporated into classroom curriculum

Past collaborations have included: Writing in History, Writing in Biology, Writing in Psychology, Online Research, English Language Learners and Articles, Business/Technical Writing, Formal Lab Reports, and Revision Strategies. If you are interested in this FLEX opportunity, please contact