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List of Math GLAs

Math 058 or higher

Absolute Values & Integers

Decimals/Fractions Conversions

Decimals: Addition & Subtraction

Decimals: Multiplication & Division

Fractions & Mixed Numbers

Fractions: Addition & Subtraction

Fractions: Multiplication & Division

Linear Equations: Addition & Multiplication Properties

Linear Functions: Lines

Linear Functions: Slopes

Mixed Numbers: Addition & Subtraction

Mixed Numbers: Multiplication & Division

Monomials: Multiplication & Simplification

Operations with Integers

Operations: Order of


Rounding & Significant Figures

Scientific Notation

Unit Conversions

Word Problems: Algebraic

Word Problems: Percent & Interest

Math 060 or higher

Exponent Properties

Factor Trinomials

Linear Functions: Graphs

Linear Functions: Forms

Linear Systems: Addition/Elimination

Linear Systems: Graphing

Linear Systems: Substitution

Polynomials: Add, Subtract & Multiply

Polynomials: Division

Quadratic Equations: Completing the Square

Quadratic Equations: Factoring

Quadratic Equations: Quadratic Formula

Rational Expressions: Addition & Subtraction

Rational Expressions: Multiplication & Division

Word Problems: Mixture

Word Problems: Motion

Math 070 or higher

Compound Inequalities

Exponential & Logarithmic Equations

Exponential Functions

Graphs/Functions: Analyze

Graphs/Functions: Transformations

Inverse Functions

Linear Systems: 3 Equations x 3 Variables

Logarithm Basics

Logarithmic Functions

Quadratic Functions

Radical Equations

Radical Expressions

Rational Equations

Rational Exponents

Root Functions: Graphing

Math 075


Slopes as a Rate of Change

All Classes

Math Anxiety: Skills & strategies for overcoming math concerns & fears affecting student success

Learning & Study Skills Activities Available: See the Reading, Writing, & Study Skills Schedule

  • Formal Lab Reports

  • Note Taking

  • Preparing for Finals

  • Stress Management

  • Study Skills

  • Test-taking Strategies

  • Time Management