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GLA Packages

We have organized some of the GLAs into packages based on students needs as well as the types of assignments they may be completing. We hope these packages can help faculty and students identify the GLA topics most useful to them:

Package 1: For students who have to write an essay:
Essay Structure 1
Online Research
Revision Strategies
Thesis Development

Package 2: For students who are new to college:
Note Taking
Online Research
Test Taking Strategies
Time Management

Package 3: For students with a research project:
Avoiding Plagiarism
MLA 1 and 2 OR APA 1 and 2 (we also have handouts available to support other citation styles)
Online Research
Reading Strategies 1

Package 4: For supporting critical reading:
Drawing Inferences
Reading Strategies 1 and 2
Vocabulary Building

Package 5: For finals week:
Preparing for Finals
Stress Management
Test Taking Strategies
Time Management
Timed Writing