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Study Room Policies

  1. All students must have their COC student ID.

  2. All students must leave their Student ID with the front desk staff.

  3. No food or drink allowed in the study room.

  4. You are liable for any damages or stolen property in the study room.

  5. Study rooms must be used for academic purposes only.

  6. Do not invite other students in the study room who are not signed into the study room.

  7. We have white boards for student use, but you must provide your own white board markers and erasers.

  8. Tutors are not allowed in the study room unless sanctioned by The Learning Center.

  9. The study room must be returned to The Learning Center in the same condition that it is received. You are responsible to maintain the clean condition of the study room from the time you sign in until the time you sign out.

  10. There is a maximum capacity of 6 people in one study room at a time according to California State Fire Code.

  11. Students are given a two-hour limit in the rooms per day.

  12. Reminder: Please pick up your Student ID from the front desk before you leave.

By providing your COC Student ID for room checkout, you are agreeing that you have read and agree to follow the Study Room policies as stated above.