Academic Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs, in conjunction with Division Deans and Faculty Department Chairs, develops the instructional schedule of classes and the annual college catalog. The Office provides support for the Curriculum Committee and maintains the College's curriculum management system(eLumen) and articulation agreements with other institutions. Academic Affairs collaborates with the Offices of Institutional Research, Payroll, Human Resources and Admissions and Records to ensure the following goals are met:

  • Meeting enrollment management and FTES targets
  • Ensuring correct program elements for student transcripts
  • Ensuring appropriate attendance accounting
  • Developing and delivering instructor contracts and pay reports
  • Ensuring compliance with Title 5 and Ed Code related to instruction and curriculum
  • Directing the College's Instructional Service Agreements with Public Agencies
  • Coordinating the College's instructional offerings with the William S. Hart High School District

The Office of Academic Affairs also provides project direction for Instructional Service Agreements with Public Agencies and the Student Success/Basic Skills Initiative for the campus, including all related events.

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