Associate Program

The Associate Program for Adjunct Instructors serves to model and promote excellence and innovation in teaching, to engage faculty ina reflective process that applies best practices, and to cultivate a community of educators at College of the Canyons.

As professionals we are all involved in a constant process of assessment, renewal, and improvement. As teachers we are generally left to our own devices to drive and motivate that process. However, the trial and error method of teaching improvement is often a slow, lonely, uncertain pursuit. Although teachers do change simply by trying new methods, we improve much more rapidly by working with colleagues in the pursuit of specific goals. The College of the Canyons Associate Program for adjunct instructors provides a mechanism for sharing our teaching and working together. Just as important, the program is designed to provide a concrete reward for the pursuit of teaching excellence.

Simply put, the Associate Program is a series of workshops and activities exclusively for adjunct instructors and completion of the entire program results in a permanent increase in pay. Unlike many teaching workshops, the Associate Program places an emphasis on the discussion, development and practice of teaching skills rather than the dissemination of information. There is no attempt to propagate a "one-best-way" nor is the program in any way tied to the evaluation of job performance. Throughout the program, participants are asked to demonstrate their teaching practices and to discuss those practices with other faculty members. Participants, in turn, have an opportunity to watch others teach and to learn from their experiences. At every stage of the process faculty members are urged to engage in reflective practice.

The Associate Program is currenlty on hiatus. For inquiries, please email Diane Stewart at