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Featured Donor Funds

The College of the Canyons Foundation oversees a variety of funds that directly benefit specific programs such as early childhood education, the library, and fine and performing arts. Through membership and special activities, these support groups enrich the lives of students the community we serve.

Chancellor's Circle

The Chancellor's Circle is composed of prominent community leaders, alumni members and corporations that are dedicated to the success of College of the Canyons. As the college's most prestigious support group, it significantly enhances the quality of education at the college. More

Patrons of the Arts

Members of Patrons of the Arts play a critical role in achieving the artistic and educational mission of College of the Canyons. The group supports the performing arts academic departments at College of the Canyons, the endowment campaign, and the COC Presents national and international touring artists. More

Canyon Country Campus Innovation Fund

The Canyon Country Campus Innovation Fund enhances academic programs, provides campus improvements and promotes innovation at the Canyon Country Campus. Centers for Early Childhood Education Circle of Friends

Centers for Early Childhood Education Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends is dedicated to supporting the Centers for Early Childhood Education at both campuses.  The centers provide creative learning environments that encourage social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth and development of young children. More

Cougar Club (Athletics) 

Athletics are an important part of the overall college experience. All who believe in strong athletic programs, a high level of competition, a healthy competitive edge and the opportunity for student athletes to compete in the sport of their choice are invited to participate. More

Friends of the Gardens

Friends of the Gardens supports the Gardens of the Canyons project and its mission to establish and maintain a variety of garden areas at both campuses. Members have an abiding interest in nature and the preservation of the natural environment. More

Library Associates Fund

Established in 1993,Library Associates supports books, reading and high-quality library services at the Library. The group coordinates fundraising activities that help enrich Library programs and services. More