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Position Number: ACA22-433

College of the Canyons
Santa Clarita Community College District

announces an employment opportunity for

Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Counselor (72.5%)

Part-Time Tenure Track

Review Date: May 16, 2023

This position is a high priority for our District for the 2023-2024 year and is contingent upon continued available district, grant and state funding.

Two weeks prior to the deadline to submit applications, the diversity of current applicants will be assessed. Upon review, if the pool does not include sufficient diversity at that time, the application window may be extended

This position is a high priority for our District for the 2023-2024 year and is contingent upon continued available district, grant and state funding.

Who We Are

The Santa Clarita Community District is committed to achieving educational equity for all students. As presented in our District Strategic Plan, which focuses on Access, Engagement, and Success, “Equity, inclusion, and diversity are not goals in themselves, but ideologies embedded in all actions and planning across all departments and functions of our college and its two campuses.” These areas of focus demonstrate a resolve to focus on student success and confirm that we are at the forefront of change with integrated planning efforts that both evolve and anticipate the needs of our students. We provide students with a rich and dynamic learning experience that embraces differences — fostering healthy inclusion through inquiry, shared dialogue and reflection to ensure that we promote a sense of community, collegiality and cooperation. When you join our team at the Santa Clarita Community College District, you can expect to be part of an inclusive, creative, flexible, innovative and equity-focused community that engages students, each other, and the community in scholarly inquiry, creative partnerships, and the application of knowledge and success.

The College and the District

College of the Canyons is part of the Santa Clarita Community College District and is designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), enrolling approximately 32,000 students each academic year. College of the Canyons has a diverse student population that reflects our focus on enhancing the educational attainment and economic well-being of the community we proudly serve. Detailed information about our student population, including data related to student success, can be found on the College of Canyons Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (IRPIE) website. Additionally, College of the Canyons, was recently honored as a 2021 Bellwether College Consortium award winner, was honored in 2018,2019 and 2021 with the Champion of Higher Education award, was ranked #1 in Los Angeles County during 2019 as the best two-year college for adult learners, and is rated #1 in Los Angeles County for completion rates by college-prepared students. It is distinguished as one of the top transfer institutions in Los Angeles County. 

Who We Want

We value the ability to serve students from a broad range of cultural heritages, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, abilities, and orientations. Therefore, we prioritize applicants who demonstrate they understand the benefits diversity brings to a professional educational community. The successful candidate must be an equity-minded individual committed to collaborating with faculty, classified staff, administration, students and community partners who share our commitment to closing equity gaps. The Santa Clarita Community College District seeks leaders possessing a strong grounding in academic and student services programs and a thorough understanding of the primary mission of the community college. We seek employees that value mentorship and working in a collegial, collaborative environment, who are conscientious risk takers and transformational leaders guided by a commitment to helping all students achieve their educational goals.


College of the Canyons is seeking a part-time permanent faculty leader in the area of MESA.  This is an 11-MONTH professional, part-time permanent (72.5%) position beginning August 11, 2023.  The position may include a combination of teaching, department, college, and community leadership functions.  Assignment may include day, evening, and weekend duties at all District sites. 

Canyons Hall


  • Collaborates with campus faculty, staff, students, and departments in celebrating and advocating for our underrepresented and first-generation students in MESA.
  • Collaborates and participates as a contributing member with the STEM Equity Alliance and the Multicultural Center to ensure a cohesive and holistic counseling approach for our underrepresented and first-generation students in MESA. 
  • Participates in chaperoning students to undergraduate STEM conferences.
  • Conducts face-to-face and online academic, career, and life-skills counseling.
  • Counsels students by assisting them in choosing and planning immediate and long-range educational goals, including developing abbreviated and comprehensive student education plans; assisting with students' career exploration and program selection; recommending adjustments to college and personal development.
  • Evaluates student aptitudes, abilities, and interests to advise them regarding career paths, career uncertainty, current and future employment trends.
  • Interprets certificate, associate degree, and transfer related requirements.
  • Evaluates transcripts, clears prerequisites, and provides academic and transfer counseling.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of special programs and services that focus on student equity and promote student retention.
  • Develops and assists with MESA onboarding orientations, workshops related to educational and career planning, probation, study skills, and other topics to support student success.
  • Assists in the facilitation of MESA orientations, workshops, and presentations for new and continuing students.
  • Provides students with information regarding college and community resources, assists students with the procedures for enrollment, placement, financial aid and academic progress.
  • Conducts follow-up services to students experiencing academic difficulties such as students on academic probation, academic dismissal, and students with excessive units.
  • Enters counseling notes and appropriate reason codes for the counseling appointment. Ensures that all data elements are entered into the District's electronic record keeping software.
  • Engages in activities that enhance rapport with local high school, community and STEM industry partners, and/or four-year institutions.
  • Conducts collegial responsibilities by participating in institutional committee assignments, student recruitment and retention, shared governance, and campus life activities.
  • Develops and revises appropriate credit and noncredit program and course curriculum in response to discipline and workforce needs.
  • May maintain office hours (if teaching as part of the assignment) and participates in department, division, and college committees and governance. 
  • Assists with development and revises appropriate credit and noncredit program and course curriculum in response to discipline and workforce needs.
  • Participates in and implements departmental and college program reviews.
  • Participates in additional faculty responsibilities, including college decision-making activities related to professional and academic matters. The activities will occur within the department as well as in the larger College setting and at all district campuses.
  • Engages in ongoing professional development and preparation related to best practices associated with pedagogy, andragogy, and all instructional (including virtual) teaching modalities to address anticipated student and instructional delivery needs.
  • Participates in all course, program and institutional Student Learning Outcome (SLO) assessment processes.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  • Faculty members at College of the Canyons facilitate student learning by working to develop every student’s ability and by designing varied and exciting learning environments.
  • Faculty members work as team members with all staff, create innovations in teaching and learning methods, and work to provide an environment for students to be partners in learning.
  • Faculty members also assist in program planning, carry out related projects and evaluate related department programs and faculty. 
  • Faculty members carry out their professional responsibilities by participating in the college decision-making activities related to academic and professional matters via meetings, by participating on project teams, by engaging in ongoing and meaningful professional development, and by providing support to students on a one-to-one and small group basis at regularly scheduled times.
  • In addition to professional expertise in teaching within the discipline, applicants should possess the following abilities and attitudes that have been identified as important to successful performance in the position.


  • Stay current on issues regarding equity, inclusion and other issues impacting our marginalized MESA student population.
  • Develop a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive environment for our marginalized student populations within the MESA Program
  • Stay current on advancements and changes in the STEM field impacting MESA students.
  • Adapt varying pedagogical approaches to meet the needs of MESA college students with differing learning modalities and abilities.
  • Facilitate groups and workshops that engage and motivate MESA college students.
  • Maintain subject matter currency relevant to marginalized college students.
  • Effectively ensure the accuracy of notes entered in our student database.
  • Participate in appropriate professional organizations, attend conferences and workshops regarding equity, inclusion, and other issues impacting marginalized student population.
  • Effectively engage with technological tools designed to assist the students and institution in moving students toward goal completion.
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with District staff, faculty, and students
  • Success and commitment as a team player, including the ability to engage in cooperative problem solving.
  • Success at initiating, executing, and following up on projects, including the ability to set specific objectives and measure achieved results.
  • A commitment to the mission and values of the community college;
  • A positive attitude, including the ability to foster collegiality;
  • Flexibility, including the acceptance of and willingness to change;
  • Open-mindedness, including fairness and the ability to see multiple perspectives;
  • The willingness to take risks and be innovative;
  • A willingness to see complex tasks through to completion; and
  • The willingness to accept responsibility for professional and personal growth.


  • Possession of an unexpired California Community College Counselor Credential; 


  • Master’s degree in counseling, rehabilitation counseling, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, guidance counseling, educational counseling, social work, career development, marriage and family therapy, or marriage, family and child counseling;


  • Bachelor’s degree in one of the above listed degrees and a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT).

*Note to current COC adjunct instructors in the discipline: If you were qualified and hired under the previous set of equivalencies, you may still qualify for this position.  Please contact Human Resources.


  • Experience with counseling STEM students and STEM Transfer Pathways.
  • Experience with programs that promote student equity, inclusion, and Latinx excellence.
  • Ability to work in concert with program staff, to fulfill MESA program goals and serve MESA student needs.
  • Current statewide initiatives and best practices in student services.
  • High-impact teaching and counseling practices.
  • Approaches, theories, and strategies related to supporting historically marginalized students.
  • Methods and strategies used in counseling.
  • Career development methods and techniques.
  • Assessment of student learning outcomes (SLOs) if teaching is part of the assignment
  • Appointment scheduling software, telecommuting software, and chat services.
  • Ability to interact and coordinate with feeder secondary schools and local community agencies.
  • Ability to interact and coordinate with CSU, UC, Private, and Out of State transfer representatives. 
  • Ability to plan, coordinate and implement MESA Counseling projects and special events.
  • Experience as a Counselor in higher education, preferably at a community college. 
  • Commitment to maintain currency in the STEM discipline, including use of advanced technology required in the discipline.
  • Experience with online counseling/teaching and pedagogy is desired.
  • Strong commitment to professional growth and development, and to the continued innovation and improvement of successful teaching.
  • Ability to work effectively with computers and other forms of advanced technology utilized in providing high quality counseling and the understanding and successful use of learning technology.
  • Willingness to facilitate and encourage student success by working to develop varied and innovative academic learning environments.
  • Ability to communicate professionally and clearly with students and staff, both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with on-campus groups (including students, faculty, administrators and staff) as well as off-campus community and education partners.
  • It addition to being well qualified to teach in their respective disciplines, it is desirable  that Counseling faculty have additional abilities and interests in contributing to other professional pursuits at the College, such as: Counseling and instructional innovation, second language ability, sponsoring clubs, new program development, student success initiatives and community or high school outreach.
  • Demonstrated sensitivity to and an understanding of the diverse academic, socio-economic, cultural, ethnic and disability backgrounds of community college students. 


  • Eleven-month position; anticipated starting date August 11, 2023 (start date not negotiable)
  • Initial Salary Placement on Academic Salary Schedule 1 is dependent on education and experience.  Salary range is from: $58,081.20 - $92,676.75 annually (adjusted for 12 months of pay per year and prorated at 72.5%).  Column placement is based on education and step placement will be based on years of professional experience, not to exceed nine (9) years’ experience for a maximum placement of Step 10:  For details, click on link to Academic Salary Schedule
  • Part of the teaching assignment may be evenings and/or weekends at all District sites.
  • The instructor may be expected to deliver instruction utilizing nontraditional delivery methods.
  • An excellent benefit package including medical, vision, dental, life and Section 125 is offered.
  • Proof of eligibility to work in the United States and signing of loyalty oath per government codes 3100-3109.
  • Successful completion of background fingerprint clearance, pre-employment physical examination (disabilities not related to the physical job will not affect the application process) and TB screening.
  • Meeting applicable eligibility requirements under CalPERS or CalSTRS if you are a current or former member.
  • Board of Trustees approval.
  • Official transcript must be submitted upon offer of employment.
  • Position is contingent upon funding and is subject to change.


Position will require extended periods presenting material in a classroom setting, and frequent periods of movement from one area to another, which may include traversing to different floors of a building. Requires use of a computer and related equipment; frequent exertion of 10-20 pounds of force to move objects; communicating and providing information to others; and travel from site-to-site.  In the event of an emergency, employees will be relied upon to serve as emergency workers.


The Santa Clarita Community College District is committed to employing qualified administrators/managers, faculty, and staff members who are dedicated to student learning and success. The Board recognizes that diversity in the academic environment fosters awareness, promotes mutual understanding and respect, and provides suitable role models for all students.  The Board is committed to hiring and staff development processes that support the goals of equal opportunity and diversity, and provide equal consideration for all qualified candidates.  The District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious creed, color, ethnic or national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, uniformed service member status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, pregnancy, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other protected basis under the law.

Applicants who have disabilities may request that accommodations be made in order to complete the selection process by contacting the Human Resources Department directly at 661-362-3427.



Innovative. Collaborative. Entrepreneurial. These characteristics not only define College of the Canyons, they are embodied by the faculty, staff and administrators who make this college unique among the 116 California Community Colleges.

Established in 1969, College of the Canyons is among the fastest-growing colleges in California and the nation. It is widely recognized as a model community college for enhancing student access, success, and equity. Its completion rates rank among the highest in the state. The college has established a well-deserved reputation for bolstering economic development and offering innovative career technical education responsive to industry needs.

Guided by visionary leadership, the college serves a 367-square-mile area of northern Los Angeles County that includes the dynamic, growing Santa Clarita Valley. A steady influx of new residents and businesses creates a spirit of possibilities that inspires the college to be flexible, creative, and attuned to the community’s evolving needs. The growing diversity of the community is mirrored by the college, which qualifies as a Latino-serving institution.

The college’s influence in the community is best illustrated by the dozens of collaborative partnerships it has forged with local school districts, government entities and service organizations. Examples include the Performing Arts Center’s K-12 Arts Education Outreach initiative, which allows thousands of children to experience the arts each year, and Academy of the Canyons, an early/middle college high school at the Valencia campus that is ranked among the top 10 percent of high schools in the nation.

With campuses in Valencia and Canyon Country, the college offers 97 associate degree programs, including 31 associate degree for transfer (AD-T) options, as well as 162 certificate programs. Classes are offered during traditional fall and spring semesters, as well as shorter, intensive summer and winter sessions. Additional educational opportunities exist at the University Center, whose four-year colleges and universities offer approximately 30 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs, as well certificate and credential programs.

Because of the college’s commitment to meeting the needs of the community, local voters have approved two bond measures valued at more than $240 million since 2001. The college also secures substantial funds from the state and millions of dollars in grants each year that allow new, cutting-edge programs to be developed and facilities built to accommodate them.

Given its commitment to growth and innovation, College of the Canyons sets a new standard for what a college can achieve. It is a vital cultural, educational, and economic force in the region. Join us to discover unexpected possibilities, the freedom to innovate and an opportunity to shape the future.


Applicants are encouraged to complete their applications online. Please visit our website at If you require assistance, please call the Human Resources office at (661) 362-3427 or our TTY Line at (661) 362-5178.  Applicants may check the status of their application online and may expect to be notified within approximately 4 -5 weeks following the Review Date as to the status of their application.

All application materials must be uploaded online or received in the Human Resources office by the end of the day on the Review Date in order to assure consideration for this position. Postmark is not acceptable for this purpose. Separate application materials must be submitted for each position applied for. Materials submitted become property of the District and will not be returned, copied, or considered for other openings.  The Human Resources office is located in the University Center, Suite 360 at 26455 Rockwell Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA, 91355.

The following application materials are required for your application to be complete.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • A District Academic application.
  • Philosophy of Diversity Statement
  • Letter of interest (cover letter). In your letter, please address your qualifications and experience as they pertain to the job duties, the demonstrated knowledge, and the abilities section of this announcement. Provide specific details and examples of your direct leadership in achieving the list of minimum and desirable requirements for this position.
  • A detailed resume summarizing education and experience.
  • College transcripts verifying educational degree(s) required for the position. Submit unofficial copies of transcripts for application purposes. Copies of college diplomas are not acceptable in lieu of transcripts. Important note on minimum education requirements: Units and/or degree(s) earned must have been awarded by a college or university accredited by an agency recognized by the American Council on Post-Secondary Education. Please see our website for evaluation requirements for units and degrees earned at foreign institutions.
  • Confidential Recruitment Source Information (Voluntary Survey). This is voluntary and is part of the online applicant profile separate from the application.

Additional Application Submission Materials Required:

  • Philosophy of Diversity Statement 

Supplemental Questions:

  1. Do you possess an unexpired California Community College Instructor Credential in Counseling? If yes, submit applicable credential (front and back)
  2. Do you possess a Master’s in counseling, rehabilitation counseling, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, guidance counseling, educational counseling, social work, career development, marriage and family therapy or marriage, family and child counseling? If yes, submit transcripts (front and back)
  3. Do you possess a Bachelor’s degree in any of the above listed degrees AND a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist? If yes, submit transcripts (front and back)
  4. If you answered "Yes" to Questions 1, 2, or 3 to qualify for this position, please provide a written response detailing how you meet the requirements listed for that qualification. Please provide applicable degree information and detailed professional experience information (quantify full-time equivalent years and explain how experience is directly related to the teaching assignment).  Please type "N/A" if this question is not applicable.
  5. Please describe your experience working with underrepresented student groups in STEM, promoting their success, and implementing programs and services to ensure their success.
  6. Please describe your experience with guided pathways.
  7. Please describe your direct experience conducting academic, career and personal counseling in a community college, and/or other higher education setting.
  8. Please describe your direct experience with assisting students with transfer readiness.
  9. Please outline the technological tools you use in a counseling and teaching environment. Please be specific in describing the software programs and your proficiency in using them in both settings.

Please note:

  • Skills evaluation of candidates for interview may be required.
  • Initial interviews may be held in person on campus.
  • Final interviews will be held in person on campus.
  • Travel and relocation expenses are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Hiring committees review all complete, qualified application packets. Possession of the minimum qualifications does not guarantee an interview.
  • A presentation will be required for those candidates selected for an initial interview.
  • Current COC employees who are applying for this position: Please be aware that materials from your personnel file are not included as part of the application file; therefore, please provide the same requested application materials as any other applicant.
  • Should you be considered as a finalist for this position, reference checks will include current supervisor(s).

Applicants are encouraged to apply online. If you need assistance with the application process, contact:

Human Resources Department
(661) 362-3427
TTY/TDD (661) 362-5178 or visit our website at

 It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all application materials are fully and correctly submitted. All materials submitted are for this position only and become the property of the District.  Materials will not be returned, copied or considered for other openings. Resumes may not be submitted in lieu of the official application form.

The College is expecting to conduct initial interviews between the week of May 29, 2023 final interviews between the weeks of June 5. 2023 and June 12, 2023.  This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change. 

Position is offered contingent on funding. We reserve the right to withdraw, extend the filing date, reopen, or delay filling this position. Recruitment may continue until the position is filled. This recruitment may be used for future vacancies.

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