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Institutional Research Request

Since 2001, the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness (IRPIE) has completed over 500 reports and briefs. Please review the available data on our website: under "Reports & Briefs". If you do not see the information you need, please continue completing this form so that IRPIE can track and process your request in a timely manner.

This form applies to in-district/internal requests. Requests from External investigators may require separate processes including IRB forms and securing district sponsors. If you’re an external requestor, please do not complete this form, and directly contact Dr. Daylene Meuschke or Dr. Preeta Saxena.

Please be as thorough as possible. If you need assistance, please contact one of the staff members:
Daylene Meuschke
Preeta Saxena 
Alicia LeValley
Vida Manzo 
Jocelyn Harris 

*indicates required field
Processing time may vary according to the complexity and sensitivity of your request. You will be contacted by a researcher once the department has reviewed the request and it has been assigned to an analyst.

If this is related to a grant in the post-award phase, please note that data requests for Grant Evaluation/Reporting require a minimum of two weeks.

If you have additional documents related to this research request, please email them to

If additional documents include a list of records with personally-identifying information (e.g. Name, student id, phone number), to share with IRPIE:

  • please either email a password-protected attachment to and a separate email is sent with the password
  •  share a link to the file via Sharepoint

Depending on the nature of the research request, the Institutional Research office may follow up with you for action implications- information on how the data/research was used and/or what action items emerged from the review of the results.
Is your supervisor aware of this request?*