Tableau Visualizations

Data visualization is a graphical representation of reported information and data. Using visual elements like charts, graphs, maps, and other measures provides an accessible way to view and understand trends and patterns in data. Having a clear vision of these data are instrumental in making data-driven decisions.

Tableau is a program that "helps people transform data into actionable insights." Using this software, the Institutional Research department turns its findings in specific areas into easy-to-understand graphics that help inform the college's decisions to better the student experience. Below are the visualizations available to view.

For questions concerning these visualizations or the data they contain, please email Daylene Meuschke, Preeta Saxena, Vida Manzo, Catherine Parkeror Alicia LeValley.

 Academic Department FTES and Expenses

FTES and Expenses Tableau Visualization

Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review Visualization

Academic Staffing

Academic Staffing Visualization

CTE Labor Market

The CTE Labor Market visualization is available to view in full, or as tables only.

CTE Labor Market

CTE Labor Market Visualization

CTE Labor Market, Tables Only

CTE Labor Market Visualization, Tables Only



Daily Enrollment

Daily Enrollment Visualization


FTES/Sections Trends

FTES/Section Trends Visualization

Schedule Capacity

Schedule Capacity Visualization