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Emergency Purchases & Reimbursement

April 9, 2020

The following guidelines should be followed when making purchases that support the transition to distance education and remote operations during the COVID -19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Normal Purchasing Process: If you are able to use our normal purchasing process, please provide additional justification as to how it relates to COVID-19 in the requisition.

COVID-19 Emergency Purchase Criteria – Outside Normal Purchasing Process

  • Item is critical to respond to COVID-19 issues, including working remotely, and
  • Item is not available through the normal purchasing process, and/or;
  • Item is needed sooner than can be obtained through normal process.

COVID-19 Emergency Supply or Equipment Purchase Process

1. Confirm the supply or equipment purchase meets the criteria above.

2. Send an email to receive approval:

3. Make the purchase using personal funds and keep all receipts and documentation.

4. Work with Supervisor/Dean who will complete/submit the Direct Pay Voucher Form.

  • Include information regarding the purchase.
  • Use Budget Code: 11-XXXXX-00-677210-XXXX.
  • Include Direct Pay Voucher, approval email and receipts.
  • Email to or mail to Fiscal Services.

5. The reimbursement check will be mailed to the employee’s home.

Equipment Purchase

  • The item generally has a useful life over 1 year that would be repaired vs. replaced.
  • The item will need to be returned to campus to be asset tagged as district property.

Note: Gift card purchases are only allowable under certain circumstances.

Questions? Contact Jason Hinkle at (661) 362-3420 or