Incident Command Update

April 24, 2020


From time to time, and as there is news to report, Incident Command will send out updates to the campus community via coc-all and/or our Emergency Notification System, COC-Alert. For complete information, and a list of all past communication to students and staff, visit


As the core mission of the college, we are monitoring instruction very carefully and providing support wherever possible. Part of incident command is planning for the future, and anticipating the resources and response needed in the case of an incident. In this case, we are carefully watching for the return to face to face instruction – signaling the end of the current incident. What we know now is that instruction will remain in the remote format through summer session I and II. In all likelihood summer session III will also be delivered remotely. While the format for fall semester instruction is not decided, we are indicating in our communication to students that fall instruction “may” be online and remote if necessary.


Many of the end-of-semester events are either being canceled, done remotely, or postponed. Plans are under way to hold a virtual graduation with the help of a company called Marching Orders.

Building closures

With the exception of the University Center lobby, both campuses are closed to the public.

The Facilities Department is continuing to work hard to keep both campuses clean. This is particularly true in areas where employees are still working on the campuses. Moreover, the CDC has issued guidelines regarding cleaning and disinfection that we are adhering to. However, when individuals enter those spaces, after being cleaned, we must re-clean the entire space. This is why the campus is closed, and no one should be on campus without notifying Campus Safety or the Switchboard, and filling out the online Health Log. Once notified, Facilities will plan to clean and disinfect those areas again.

Given these circumstances, and in order to limit our on-campus employees exposure from visitors, we ask that if you have not been asked to be here, that you only come to campus if absolutely necessary.

Health log

To comply with the April 10, 2020 Safer at Home Order for Control of COVID-19 issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, College of the Canyons requires all employees to complete a Health Log questionnaire each day before coming to campus, even just to drop in for a quick visit.

Face coverings

The April 10, 2020 Los Angeles County order also required that individuals wear cloth face coverings while on campus. Exceptions are when you are in your office with the door closed. The message to the campus community regarding this order was delivered on April 15, 2020.

Campus-wide notices

The next time you come on campus you will notice two notices on the exterior doors. The first is a reminder notice regarding the standard practices that will help us all stay healthy. The second complies with the L.A. County order showing that the district is following the April 10 orders.

Positive cases

The District now has six positive cases with a nexus to the campuses. In the most recent cases, the three individuals involved have not been on campus for over three weeks. Consequently, there is no danger of social spread, and no need to conduct contact tracing and notification. Should a positive case emerge concerning an individual that is still working face-to-face we will contact the campus community, as well as the affected individuals (to the extent possible).

Drive-through testing

The COVID-19 testing site is still operational in Lot 7. Management of the site is transitioning from L.A. County Fire to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. The new management will be making use of our own nursing students to assist with the testing.

Drop boxes

Incident Command is still monitoring the document drop boxes on both campuses. They are checked each weekday. Found documents are distributed to the mailroom boxes and a notice is sent to the individual or department. Do not enter the mail room without a cloth face covering, and please limit your contact in that area.

Stay healthy, everyone.

Your friendly Incident Command team

Distributed April 24, 2020