Webinar Q&A Report

Student Basic Needs 
Oct. 22, 2020

Is the BaNC taking food or monetary donations?
Name: Nicole Faudree
Answer: Answered live

Hello, this is great. Do you feel that students are aware of these opportunities?
Name: Jade Pearson
Answer: We hope so. We do all we can to try and push the information out, but we want everyone on campus to be aware to let students know. If you can share as well, that would be great. The more people who can share the information, the better. A question was asked about donations to the BaNC either in the form of food product or money. We actually prefer money donated through our COC Foundation account designated for the BaNC as we can then use the funds for our greatest needs at the time, however we will also accept non-perishable food. Please contact the Foundation for monetary donations; please check out the BaNC web page on the college website for a list of food products if you would like to go that route. As far as whether we believe students are aware of these opportunities, I believe yes, and we can always use further assistance from our campus community to make students aware.

Here’s a link to the BaNC website: https://www.canyons.edu/studentservices/banc/index.php

Does the BaNC provide delivery services to students?
Name: Anonymous Attendee
Answer: We have made some limited time sensitive deliveries to students, but not as a general service.

I love hearing all the services together! We continue to do a LOT for our students!
Name: Anthony Michaelides
Answer: Agreed!