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Confirmed Cases

Confirmed Cases and Exposures

Note: This is an update of the November 8 notification.

November 13, 2020

We are writing today to provide all employees with an update to the message sent earlier this week regarding the closure of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Center.

As mentioned in the previous message sent Nov. 8, one employee tested positive for COVID-19, and two other employees who work in the center had experienced cold- and flu-like symptoms and were tested for COVID-19.

The district received those test results today, and we learned that one employee tested positive, and the other tested negative. That brings the total number of positive cases in ECE to two.

We did not find any connection between the cases. Both employees work in separate rooms and we conducted extensive contact tracing of both cases in partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Based on the information gathered to date, we believe the swift and decisive action of isolating the affected sick individuals and self-quarantining the impacted classrooms mitigated the potential spread of COVID-19.

A precautionary three-week closure of the ECE began Monday. It is scheduled to reopen on Nov. 30 and continue normal operations for the remainder of the semester, through Dec. 11.

– College of the Canyons Incident Command Team


Notice of Confirmed Case

November 8, 2020

A letter was sent today to families with children in the Early Childhood Education Center (ECE) announcing the center’s closure for three weeks in light of a confirmed COVID-19 case.

We are sharing this information with all employees to ensure everyone has the most updated information, and understands the reason for the closure.

Here are the details we can share about this situation:

  • Over the past week, three staff members who work in different ECE classrooms developed cold/flu like symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  • None of the staff members had received a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, but out of an abundance of caution, the Center, in consultation with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health (LADPH), directed three classrooms and their associated staff members to self-quarantine for 14 days or until notified otherwise. All parents received separate notification if their child was in an affected classroom.
  • One of the staff members has since tested positive for COVID-19 and the other two are awaiting test results.

Based on the information we have thus far, we believe the swift and decisive action of isolating the affected sick individuals and self-quarantining the classrooms has mitigated against any potential spread of COVID-19. The Center has been in continuous contact with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) from the time of its opening a few months ago and has provided them with the information about these three staff members.

The LADPH has not required that the Center close down entirely as there is currently no evidence of epidemiologically linked cases or an “outbreak,” as that term is defined, and has instead left that decision to the college to be made based on all relevant information.

To reduce the risk to the Center’s children and their families, the college has made the difficult decision to close all ECE classrooms for the next three weeks. At this time the Center plans to return to full service on November 30 and continue normal operations for the remainder of this school semester, through December 11.

During the closure, the Center will undergo a detailed disinfection of all facilities systems, furniture and equipment. This is in addition to the twice-daily disinfection which has happened since the Center reopened, using supplies and procedures that exceed current CDC guidelines and in keeping with our COVID-19 Containment, Response and Control Plan.

For more information about COVD-19, we encourage you to review the CDC's Frequently Asked Questions.

For details on resources available to college employees please visit our website at There, you will find information about benefits available under federal, state, and local laws, including, workers’ compensation, as well as options for COVID-19 related leave, including company-offered sick leave, state-mandated leave, supplemental sick leave, or leave under collective bargaining provisions. Protections against retaliation and discrimination may also be found on the website. For further questions, please contact Human Resources by calling (661) 362-5563.

As we know, COVID-19 cases are on the rise again. Your continued efforts to follow health and safety guidelines and help keep our college healthy are greatly appreciated.

– College of the Canyons Incident Command Team