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Mandatory Quarantine Following Non-Essential Travel

January 1, 2021

The significant increases in COVID-19 cases, associated hospitalizations, and premature deaths across the United States, the State of California, and within Los Angeles County have necessitated revisions to the county’s Health Officer Order and two accompanying appendices. These revisions include a mandatory quarantine order for people entering or returning home to Los Angeles County from outside the Southern California Region after non-essential travel. The Southern California Region (Region) is defined as the counties of Imperial, Inyo, Los Angeles, Mono, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura.

The Mandatory Directive on Travel states the following:

“Persons arriving in the County of Los Angeles from anywhere outside of the Southern California Region on or from non-essential travel, including returning County of Los Angeles residents, must self-quarantine for 10 days after arrival. Such persons must stay at home or another place of temporary shelter and away from contact with others, including those in one’s household (unless they are also under quarantine), for a period of 10 days.”

“Quarantine may end after Day 10 if the traveler(s) never had any symptoms and they continue to monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days after arrival. If such quarantined person develops symptoms of or tests positive for COVID-19 during the quarantine period, they must isolate themselves as required by the Health Officer's Order for Isolation. For purposes of this Revised Temporary Order, non-essential travel is defined as travel or transportation that is conducted mainly for tourism, recreation or visitation purposes.”


How does this impact COC and those individuals who have been working on campus?

1. I work on campus. Does this apply to me as a COC employee?

With very few exceptions as noted in the order, if you have traveled outside of the Southern California Region for non-essential travel (defined as travel or transportation that is conducted mainly for tourism, recreation or visitation purposes), you must quarantine for 10 days from the last date of travel. For example, if you travelled out of the Southern California Region to go to a family gathering on 12/25/2020 and returned to Los Angeles County on 12/26/2020, you would need to quarantine through 1/4/2021. You would need to remain at home on 1/4/2021. The soonest day you could report to work on campus would be 1/5/2021. All employees who are required to quarantine will work from home and be assigned responsibilities or professional development by their supervisors.

2. Do I get paid during this quarantine time?

The District will pay employees during their first quarantine period that overlaps with the District 2020 holiday break while they quarantine. Employees will work from home during the quarantine period with a focus as assigned by their supervisor. Any subsequent required quarantine periods, due to an employee who chooses to go on non-essential travel, will not be paid by the District. In this case, your individual leave accruals must be utilized. Please plan accordingly.

3. If I work from home, do I still need to quarantine?

Yes, you would still follow the quarantine requirements while continuing to work from home.

4. What if I did not go on non-essential travel, but live in Kern County (which is outside the Southern California Region), and need to drive to campus to work, do I have to quarantine?

No, traveling to and from the worksite of an essential employer (which includes the college) is considered essential travel and is exempted from this order (Appendix W, sections 3b and 3c).

5. Who do I inform if I have to quarantine?

You should inform your direct supervisor.

6. Will the health logs ask me about my travel information and tell me if I should quarantine?

The health log information will be updated to reflect this information.

7. Does this order apply to students?

Yes, this quarantine requirement applies to all residents of Los Angeles County, and therefore applies to our students enrolled in remote learning and those who are coming to campus. During the winter session we have courses in Nursing and EMT being offered on campus. Nursing and EMT students are permitted to travel to and from campus/clinical sites, even if they live outside of the Southern California Region, without triggering the quarantine requirement. While winter session classes commence on Jan. 4, our first on-campus instruction in these essential infrastructure disciplines does not occur until Tuesday, Jan. 12. Students enrolled in these courses will be sent messaging regarding the quarantine requirement. The student health log will also be updated to reflect this information.

The Order remains in effect for as long as the State Health Officer’s Regional Stay at Home Order remains in effect in the Southern California Region. This directive is mandatory, and failure to follow it is a violation of the County Health Officer’s Revised Temporary Targeted Safer at Home Order for Control of COVID-19: Tier 1 Substantial Surge Updated Response (Revised Temporary Order).

For your reference, the revised Safer at Home Orders and appendices are posted on Los Angeles County's website:

1. County Health Officer Order, Temporary Targeted Safer at Home Health Officer Order for Control of COVID-19: Tier 1 Substantial Surge Updated Response, dated Dec. 30, 2020

2. Protocol for Social Distancing: Appendix A, dated Dec. 29, 2020 - Appendix A is the Protocol for Social Distancing. Revisions to Appendix A include added definitions and multiple updates made to incorporate universal physical distancing, face covering use, and other infection control protocols for all businesses, facilities, and sites.

3. Mandatory Directive on Travel: Appendix W, dated Dec. 30, 2020 - Appendix W is the Mandatory Directive on Travel. This Directive establishes the County Health Officer’s rules for mandatory quarantine after non-essential travel. There are some limited exceptions to the required mandatory quarantine after travel.

Thank you for your attention and efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County.

– College of the Canyons Incident Command Team