Webinar Q&A Report

Executive Cabinet Coronavirus Update
March 18, 2021

Will in person classes be offered in all of the departments this fall?
Name: Anonymous Attendee
Answer: We have an opportunity to bring back lectures and labs for Fall 2021, State and County permitting and in concert with our locally negotiated agreements. I would certainly encourage all departments that are interested to bring back in-person instruction to please confer with their department chair and dean, as we are currently finalizing plans for the Fall 2021 semester. Thank you for your question (and potential interest)!

Will enough online courses be offered for students and/or faculty who have pre-existing conditions and/or family members who are vulnerable as well? Will tenured and adjunct faculty have a choice in whether they teach online or at home during the fall as well; in light of the aforementioned concerns?
Name: Anonymous Attendee
Answer: We will be scheduling our semesters and terms to best serve the instructional needs of our students, in accordance with State/County guidelines, in concert with locally negotiated agreements. Certainly if a teaching faculty member has certain pre-existing conditions and/ or other complications, these should be discussed with HR as well to ensure we are able to best accommodate where possible.

When we return to campus, will the campus continue to offer more online courses than were previously offered before Covid?
Name: Anonymous Attendee
Answer: Great question with not an easy answer at this time. It is important for Instruction to work with Department Chairs, Deans, and Institutional Research to examine student success, retention, and completion data for closes that were converted to online/onlineLIVE and ascertain what best works for our students with respect to each discipline. So please stay tuned and continue to work with your Department Chairs and Deans in contributing to our holistic dialogue on how to best serve the instructional needs of our students. Thank you for this important question!

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Name: BJ Lundgren
Answer: So glad you like it! It is great to bring it back to our students!

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Name: BJ Lundgren
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Name: Mark Flanders
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