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Webinar Q&A Report

Executive Cabinet Coronavirus Update
April 15, 2021

What are the actual day to day duties that the "Health Ambassadors" will engage in?
Name: Anonymous Attendee
Answer: I will address this in my presentation. They are welcoming our students to our offices, checking for masks, and completion of the health log.

What happens if they encounter someone without a mask?
Name: Anonymous Attendee
Answer: We have masks to offer to our students who do not have masks. If there are any problems, we have our campus safety avaialble to assist. So far, we have not run into any problems.

I have encountered some Campus Safety officers without their masks on and they spoke to me without their masks on...
Name: Anonymous Attendee
Answer: It is a requirement for all our employees to wear their masks. I will discuss this comment with the Campus Safety office to ensure all employees are wearing masks.

Chocolate is on the way Eric!
Name: April Graham
Answer: Thanks April!

Do any of the Chocolate bars contain golden tickets?
Name: Anonymous Attendee
Answer: Yes, there are 4 golden tickets!  :)

Will signage be posted at CCC as well?
Name: Anonymous Attendee
Answer: live answered