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About the Volunteer Bureau


The College of the Canyons Volunteer Bureau coordinates volunteer requests across our two campuses, and attempts to make a match between opportunities and interested potential volunteers.

The Volunteer Bureaus strength lies in attracting active, enthusiastic and experienced individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and ages who have a common desire to help others. They are then carefully matched with positions in which they can be most helpful and from which they can derive the most satisfaction.

The College of the Canyons Volunteer Bureau is a new program that began in December 2010. It is operated under the direction of the Volunteer Bureau and Student Employment office.

The Volunteer Bureau is intended to provide appropriate assistance to College of the Canyons students, faculty and staff on an as-needed basis and to assist members of the community from time to time as they visit the campus and become familiar with all that College of the Canyons has to offer.