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American Sign Language
Interpreter Training Program
What does an ASL Interpreter do? Salary & Labor Market Information
The ASL Interpreting Program is a two-year comprehensive program designed to award students with an AA Degree in ASL Interpreting.  The AA degree will equip students with the necessary skills for entry-level positions within the field of interpreting.
An American Sign Language Interpreter serves as a communication link between deaf/hard of hearing individuals and individuals who can hear.
ASL Interpreters must be proficient in two languages: American Sign Language & English.
ASL Interpreters are in demand. To find out about a career in ASL Interpreting, click on the LEARN MORE button below.
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Students with an American Sign Language Interpreting degree will develop the following competencies:

 •  Advanced American Sign Language skills
 •  Interpreting skills (English to ASL)
 •  Transliterating skills (English to MCE)
 •  American Sign Language/MCE to English skills
 • Cultural bridging techniques
 • Idiomatic and specialized vocabulary skills
 • Knowledge of specialized settings and applied techniques
 • Fingerspelling skills: expressive and receptive
 • Historical knowledge of American Sign Language, Deaf culture and Interpreting
 • Knowledge of the structure of American Sign Language
 • Knowledge of the Code of Ethics for interpreters
 • Knowledge of principles, practices and procedures of Interpreting
 • Knowledge of Deaf culture
 • Knowledge of Interpreting techniques

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