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Resources for Job Seekers with Records

Legal Aid at Work has developed a California Fair Chance Toolkit for Job Seekers with Records. In it, you will find information about laws in California that protect job seekers with criminal records as well as sample letters and materials that can be used to exercise those rights.

The toolkit includes:

  • Know your rights information about the California Fair Chance Act (also known as “Ban the Box”)
  • Practical tips on preparing to apply for jobs and for the Fair Chance process
  • A template for a personal statement and sample personal statements
  • Sample support letters job seekers can take to healthcare providers; past employers; probation officers; professors or teachers; religious leaders; volunteer supervisors; service providers, including job training and workforce development support and instructors; and anyone else who might be able to help convince an employer to hire them
  • Information on how to file a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing

Link to toolkit:

Additionally, here is a one page "Know Your Rights" resource on the Fair Chance Act: