Online Counseling

Connect to Online Counseling Services at COC

Dear students,

As we transition to 100% online counseling services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please know that your academic, career, and personal success is still our primary mission. 

While the campus is closed, you will be able to access counseling services in several ways:

  • Online counseling appointments
    • Please make an appointment by selecting the "Online Appointments" button to the right.  Your Counselor will contact you via your MyCanyons email with instructions on how to access the online appointment.  Online appointments are real-time appointments using ConferZoom.  Everything that happens in an on-ground appointment happens here!
  • Express drop-in counseling
    • Similar to our on-ground drop-in counseling, this service is designed to answer general academic and career counseling questions in 5 to 10-minute sessions.  We use the ConferZoom program, just like your classes and our counseling appointments.  Express drop-in is offered each day during normal business hours.
  • E-Advising
    • Use this service to ask general counseling questions when you don't need an immediate answer.  A Counselor will email a reply within the same business day.

Please note:  the online services Counselors provide are professional meetings and it is expected that you present yourself as you would if you were coming to campus.  Please be on time, sitting at your computer or with your mobile device, and prepared for the appointment.