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Express Drop-In Counseling

Now in-person! 

We are now offering Express Drop-In Counseling in-person during limited business hours.

In-person Express Drop-in is limited to 1 student per session.  Masks are required.  Last call for in-person Express Drop-In is 15-30 minutes before doors close, depending on Counselor availability.

Holiday Hours:  Thanksgiving

Valencia Campus

  • Monday & Wednesday:  9am - 1pm

  • Tuesday:  10am - 1pm

  • Thursday & Friday:  Closed


Canyon Country Campus

  • Monday:  9am - 1pm

  • Wednesday:  Closed


Express Drop-In Counseling is still available online - please see the hours and sign-up link to the right.

Express Drop-In Counseling is designed to give our students immediate access to a Counselor during normal business hours. Unlike a counseling appointment, which may last up to 60 minutes, Express Drop-In Counseling sessions are 5 to 10-minutes in length.

Due to the current registration cycle, we are experiencing longer than normal wait times. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Use Express Drop-In Counseling to get help with issues such as:

  • Class registration
  • Adding or dropping classes
  • Filing petitions (some petitions may require an appointment if it exceeds the time allotted for Express Drop-In)
  • Checking progress toward your educational goal

Due to the limited time set aside for Express Drop-In sessions, only general academic and career counseling questions can be answered. For more complicated issues, and for comprehensive educational planning, a counseling appointment may be required.

  • We use the ConferZOOM video conferencing program to hold express drop-in sessions. You can access Express Drop-In Counseling in a few easy steps:

    Step 1: Click on the "Express Drop-In Counseling" button on the right side of the page.

    Step 2: You will be added to the drop-in queue in the  "Counseling Department's Personal Meeting Room". Wait here to be connected to a Counselor.

    Waiting Room

    Step 3: You will be added to a Drop-In session with a Counselor.  Let the counseling begin!

    Please note that during peak registration periods, students could experience longer wait times at drop-in.

  • Important Guidelines for Express Drop-In Counseling Online:

    • It is preferred that you login with a computer or smartphone so that you are able to see the screen that will be shared with you.
    • Please make sure your audio (including microphone) is working.
    • If you are having difficulty with audio on your laptop it is best to join drop-in using your phone.
    • Please have your student ID number ready.
    • When in the waiting room, be prepared to be admitted into the drop-in session.


    Note:  If you receive the message “This meeting has been locked by host” it is because Express Drop-in Zoom hours for the day have ended. Please return the next business day for Express Drop-in Counseling.

  • To clear a prerequisite for courses at College of the Canyons:

    • One of the following documents must be provided:
      • An official or unofficial transcript that includes the academic institution name, the student’s name, terms and years completed, and the course with grade and unit value posted, OR
      • An academic summary report or degree audit report that includes the academic institution name, the student’s name, terms and years completed, and the course with grade and unit value posted.
    • The transcript or summary report must be from the institution where the prerequisite course was completed.
    • If using AP credit to clear a prerequisite, an official or unofficial College Board Score Report or an official or unofficial high school transcript with the AP score posted must be provided.
    • If you are in-progress with the prerequisite course at your current institution with no grade posted, please visit Admissions & Records to request a Work-In-Progress Petition.
    • Counselors will do their best to determine equivalent prerequisites.  However, in some cases students may be referred to Admissions and Records to complete a prerequisite challenge form.