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VA Benefits Orientation Instructions (official orientation must be completed with VRC staff)


  • Apply for VA Benefits

Apply for VA benefits online at: Please select, "College of the Canyons" as your approved school, select an approved major, and effective date (prior to starting school) when completing the application for benefits. If applying for the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, you must relinquish another benefit on application for benefits. Response time from the VA can take anywhere from 30-45 days. 

  • Complete and Submit a Student Education Plan (SEP)

The student education plan is a planning document that lists your approved program, course/s required to complete your program and an evaluation of prior credit. The VA Education Department requires the college to review prior credit and to grant credit as appropriate to a veteran student’s current program. Schedule an appointment with general counseling or with Veterans counselors to create a COMPREHENSIVE STUDENT EDUCATION PLAN once all transcripts have been submitted and evaluated. A Single Semester Education plan can be used for enrollment certification for one semester only. A student may not use a Single Semester Education plan the next term they register. It is the students’ responsibility to submit all military and civilian transcripts prior to the next registration period and develop a comprehensive student education plan with an academic counselor. Only courses that satisfy requirements outlined in the Student Education Plan can be certified to the VA. If you change your major you will need to get a new Student Education Plan (SEP). If you complete courses at another institution at any point after the initial submission of transcripts you will need to get an updated Student Education Plan (SEP). Courses that you desire to complete and receive education benefits for at another institution must be listed on your SEP with the correct name of course and institution. Joint Service Transcripts and Air Force Transcripts

  • Level 1 Registration

Level 1 Registration allows eligible veterans or dependents of veterans to have access to select and enroll in courses early.  All eligible students must provide proof of satisfying the following eligibility criteria: Veterans must provide a copy of DD-214 Member 4 or Service Member 2 showing Honorable Discharge, General Discharge or Other than Honorable Discharge and ALL matriculation steps MUST be completed in order to receive a Priority Registration date. Check your My Canyons (online student portal) for your registration date and time.

Once a student has registered for classes, each student must complete the online form VP-20 “Request for VA Payment”. All courses listed on the VP-20 must be listed on your Student Education Plan. The VP-20 must be completed every semester that a student would like to be receive benefits. A VP-20 can only be submitted once a student has added a course. Students cannot may not add Waitlisted courses on the VP-20. The VP-20 should be submitted SAME DAY of registration. If not, it could result in a student being dropped from their courses or a delay in payment.

Notify the Veterans Resource Center immediately of any changes to your schedule (add, drop, withdrawal, etc…) once you have submitted your request for benefits by filling out another VP-20 (adding) or VP-30 (dropping or withdrawing). Student who drop after the drop period will receive a non-punitive grade (W, FW, NC) for the course or courses that were dropped. If a student has already been paid for a course for which they receive a non-punitive grade, VA will create an overpayment for that student from the beginning of the term. If a student is administratively withdrawn or stops attending without officially withdrawing (FW), the actual last date of attendance must be determined and reported to the VA and can result in an overpayment for the student. A student who receives a non-punitive grade may provide proof of mitigating circumstances to alleviate some or all of the debt. A student may provide this proof to the Veteran Resource Center at the time they submit the VP-30. If a student cannot provide proof at the time they submit the VP-30 or the non-punitive grade has already been reported, VA will contact the student regarding the debt and give the student an opportunity to provide the proof directly to them.

  • Important Information

Students must maintain satisfactory progress towards education goals in order to keep Level 1 Registration. Dismissal will be reported to the VA. Nonstandard terms: VA converts credit earned during nonstandard semesters to equivalent credit hours. VA makes the conversion, not schools. Schools must report actual credit. When enrollment periods overlap, credit hour equivalents for the period of overlap are combined. If a student is enrolled in a remedial course (Math or English under level 100) the course can only be certified for benefits if it is on campus. Remedial courses cannot be online. In order to receive on campus housing allowance for Chapter 33 and 31, students must be enrolled in at least one course on campus. Student enrolls in all online courses, they will receive 50% of the National Average of all BAH rates. For any information regarding payment amounts, dates or full time status, students must contact the VA Education line 1(888) 442-4551. GI Bill® Comparison ToolCOC Assessment and Online OrientationCOC Financial Aid (FAFSA, California College Promise Grant, Scholarships). Veterans Resource Center Canvas Self-Enroll