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C.A.S.E. Projects

The C.A.S.E. Project offers "experiential learning" opportunities for archaeology in the Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 105) course. C.A.S.E. stands for Canyons Archaeology Simulated Excavation. With the C.A.S.E. Projects, this course is structured like an informal Field School with the Geology Department. Depending on availability, this course may include a local archaeological field excavation with students and faculty, as well.

The Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 105) course examines archaeology and human prehistory from an interdisciplinary perspective, including methods for recovery, dating, interpretation, conservation of items of material culture, and the reconstruction of past social systems and human behavior. Field trips may be required.

Location of C.A.S.E. Projects: Boykin Hall's Second Floor "Patio"

Course includes:

  • Simulated Excavation replicating "real-life" working situations and archaeological sites.
  • Prehistoric, Historic and Modern simulated excavations using natural and artificial elements.

 Course teaches: 

  • Project Skills
  • "Proper" excavation techniques and tool use
  • Artifact recovery, identification and
  • preservation
  • Documentation of site and artifacts
  • Photography, measurement triangulation,
  • cataloging
  • Report Writing: Site Journal
  • Analysis and interpretation of results
  • Project Management: "Site Crews", schedule planning and individual responsibilities
  • Other Skills: Patience, Collaboration, Ethics, Conservation

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