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Emergency Operations

Emergency Operations Plan

Emergency Response Quick-Reference Guide

This updated version of the Emergency Response Quick Reference Guide provides a concise overview of a variety of potential emergency scenarios and the steps you can take to make rapid and informed decisions. It includes easy-to-follow recommendations for immediate response based on the wisdom and experience of first responders throughout the country. The information in this guide is a derivative product of the Emergency Operations Plan (above) and is not intended to supplant procedures or requirements contained within the basic plan.

Exits and Emergency Evacuation Sites

In each classroom or lab, identify the exit(s). Take note of alternate exits such as windows. Locate the Emergency Evacuation site designated for your building. Evacuation maps should be located near the exits of your building. After reaching your evacuation site your instructor will conduct a roll call and report any discrepancies to incident command staff. Assist those in need or disabled to safely exit the facility. Reference evacuation map, avoid elevators and be aware of alternate exit routes.