Mission, Vision, Philosophy & Goals 


As an innovative institution of excellence, College of the Canyons offers an accessible, enriching education that provides students with essential academic skills and prepares students for transfer education, workforce-skills development, and the attainment of learning outcomes corresponding to their educational goals. To fulfill its mission, College of the Canyons embraces diversity, fosters technical competencies, supports the development of global responsibility, and engages students and the community in scholarly inquiry, creative partnerships, and the application of knowledge.


College of the Canyons is dedicated to being a leading two-year college, recognized locally, regionally, statewide and nationally for technical advancement, institutional effectiveness, student support, model academic and professional programs, excellence in teaching and learning, fostering a broad range of community partnerships, maximizing student access, and for the sense of community that we provide to our students and staff.


We believe in the following values:

  • We honor and reward high performance in teaching and learning.

  • We foster a climate characterized by civility, collegiality and acceptance. We expect honesty, integrity, social responsibility and ethical behavior.

  • We create relationships providing the foundation of success for chosen current and future partnerships with local schools, colleges and universities, businesses, government, and social agencies. These partnerships advance the educational, intellectual, artistic, civic, cultural, and economic aspirations of our surrounding community.

  • We set the highest standards for ourselves and support the professional development of faculty, staff and administrators.

  • We are an innovative and creative community college. We encourage members of the college community to be entrepreneurial, forward thinking, creative, persistent, spontaneous and welcome changes that will enhance the colleges ability to fulfill its mission.

Strategic Goals

  • College of the Canyons will provide a positive environment and necessary resources to support excellent teaching, student learning, and the completion of students goals including attaining degrees and certificates and transfer.

  • College of the Canyons will provide student support to facilitate equitable student success and maximize opportunity for all students.

  • College of the Canyons will promote, encourage, and celebrate the diversity of students and staff in our campus community.

  • College of the Canyons will select and develop high-quality staff.

  • College of the Canyons will generate support, resources, networks and information to enhance the colleges success.

  • College of the Canyons will use outcomes data on progress being made towards college goals - including student learning outcomes, administrative unit outcomes, and other accountability measures - on a regular basis to inform planning and decisions.

  • College of the Canyons will provide support, direction and oversight for all District financial Resources to ensure fiscal compliance, proper accounting and positive audits and develop financial resources to maintain and improve programs and services consistent with institutional commitments (mission, goals, and objectives) and in alignment with our enrollment management plans.

  • College of the Canyons will utilize state-of-the-art technologies to enhance programs, services and operations.

  • College of the Canyons will provide facilities that are clean, efficient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing to support College programs and services.

  • College of the Canyons will dare to dream and make it happen!

  • College of the Canyons will enhance and support a sense of community and cooperation on campus.

  • College of the Canyons will assert its leadership to increase educational, economic, and cultural opportunities for the community including businesses, industry, arts groups, and community-based organizations in the region.


Updated 5/29/15