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Campus Safety



The Department of Campus Safety is committed to provide and maintain a safe and secure instructional environment while respecting the rights and dignity of individuals utilizing programs and facilities of College of the Canyons. The mission shall be accomplished within the constraints of federal, state and local laws and ordinances.


The Department of Campus Safety will excel in Community-oriented Public Safety. Our Department strives to develop public awareness, support and involvement in our Community-oriented Campus Safety efforts.

Organizational Values

The Department of Campus Safety is fully committed to:

  • Provide high quality student service

  • Maintain peace and harmony within the campus

  • Treat people with respect and sensitivity

  • Perform its duties without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, or differing abilities

  • Maintain its position as an integral part of the campus community; a department that is widely respected and trusted.

The Director and Campus Safety officers have completed the state mandated training for certification as a police officer and have extensive law enforcement experience. All full-time Campus Safety personnel receive CPR/first aid training and certification. Campus Safety personnel have authority to arrest in some circumstances and to detain individuals until local law enforcement arrives. The Department of Campus Safety has an ongoing, working relationship with local law enforcement agencies in providing dual programs and cross training, and joint investigations.