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Eddie Fumasi: Collages And Collections

December 1 - December 15, 2007

An old man has a dead gull on his chest. The dog under the bed is emerging from an envelope that has a picture of a dead bird on a rock. Hovering above the entire scene and adding to its mystery, is a 3-D photograph of three cranes, one in flight. Although not exactly festive, "Pass" is just one of the more than 30 pieces of Eddie Fumasi's work in the form of collages. Eddie Fumasi is a very private person who has managed to quietly create his collages over the last 40 years. The images are seductive, charming and quite often somewhat disturbing. Mr. Fumasi has a dry, biting wit that is clearly visible in his work. Fumasi's collages are small, intricate compositions that require both investigation and introspection. Early pieces were created using postcards and have evolved to include images mounted on reflective surfaces to catch light. Also on exhibition were his collection of more than 300 vintage cardboard "village houses." The houses were made during the 40s, 50s and 60s for holiday displays.

Exhibition Photographs