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Mister Jalopy And The Maker Philosophy

November 1 - 15, 2008

Painter Paul Gauguin once said, "Art is either plagiarism or revolution." But the work of local artist Mister Jalopy defies that logic by appropriating discarded consumer products and creating something spectacularly new. Among the whimsical pieces on display:The World's Biggest iPod, an Apple iPod wired to a classic console stereo system, and a three-wheeled bicycle that operates a home-built movie projector. The artist takes the best of earlier and contemporary technologies and shows us that they can work together to create new approaches to everyday challenges. He directly encourages manufacturers to create products that consumers can understand and repair themselves. Although he claims not to be an artist, the objects or 'gizmos' that he creates are certainly art. Mr. Jalopy is the co-founder of the Maker Movement, a trend rapidly gaining momentum and attention that encourages consumers to fix old products and reinvent them. Featured in USA Today and on NPR, Jalopy is also a regular contributor to Make Magazine and the author of theMaker's Bill of Rights, which makes the case for a collaborative partnership with corporations and the consumers who purchase their products.

Exhibition Photographs