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Beyond The Image

November 23 - December 11, 2009

College of the Canyons Art Gallery was proud to present an exhibition featuring a diverse sampling of work from some of the best young artists and illustrators working in California. The work included a variety of different illustrative media and styles representing each artist's diverse artistic vision. This is work that engages and causes one to stop and investigate. You will see work that you like, as well as work that disturbs you, styles you relate to and others that you do not but all the work will be provocative. This exhibition was organized by College of the Canyons faculty member, Mercedes McDonald in partnership with Black Maria Gallery, Los Angeles, California. Dedicated to non-mainstream art, Black Maria Gallery focuses on works that reverberate with the shock of the new in a way that initiates wonderment and self-reflection. Owners Sam Saghatelian and Zara Zeitountsian operate the gallery with the belief that thought-provoking art has a hugely important place in civic and social discourse, especially in these times.

Exhibition Images