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I Con, The Brilliant Work of Paul Conrad

September 1 - September 30, 2010

Three-time Pulitzer Prize winning Editorial Cartoonist Paul Conrad exhibited drawings. This exhibition was a collaboration with COC's Political Science Professor Russell Richardson.

Exhibition Photographs

Paul Conrad America's Black Have You Seen Ashcroft To Talk Radio 2003
Hole This Man 2003 Ashes 2003

Sisyphus 2003 Iraq's Weapons Pants on FireYou Voted For Groping 2003
20032003 Him 2003

Schrivernegger World Bomb

Republican Social A Better Way If You're Not Gay
20032002 Security 2000 1999

I Come To Bury

John, We Hardly Gun Lobby Whites Do The Healthy Members
Clinton 1999Knew Ye 19991998 Crimes 1998Only 1998


A Well Regulated Sinking Congress The British Exploding GOP
1998 Militia 19981998 Crown1997 1996

Anti-Abortion4th AmendmentSocial Security Use Car The Liar's Club

Plank 1996 19941994 1992 1992

AidsRegan Hood Official InauguralTrudeau The AmericanBanking
19921985 Portrait 1985 1985Assoc.1983

GranadaChristmas TreeAffixing BlameCuckoo's NextKing of the Mountain
1983 1983 1982 1976 1974

HMS Watergate 3-D CartoonAnonymous The Oval Office Alas Poor Agnew
19741974 Letter 1974 1974 1973

Rent-A-Bomber The Tapes Are Pitiful Helpless
1973 Covered 1973Giant 1973

Discussion with Political Cartoonists David Brown and Steve Greenberg, Moderated by Russell Richardson