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Course Syllabus:
The course syllabus for Spring 2017 is now available for download (see Syllabus & Grade page, above tab). Most (if not all) of your course questions will be answered in the syllabus.

Lecture Outlines:
I plan to post my lecture notes/outlines on this page as the semester progresses. Below are some of the notes for OLI (Open Learning Initiative) that we will be using this semester. Please check back here for updated notes as the Spring 2017 semester begins. As the Spring 2017 semester progresses, I will add/modify resources for this course. Please check this website often.

I recommend you purchase a simple, scientific calculator for use on tests/quizzes (graphing calculators will not be permitted). You will not be allowed to use your phone as a calculator on tests/quizzes; nor will you be permitted to share calculators.

Printer Paper:

We will be doing work in class on the computer that you will need to print out and turn in at the end of class. So please be sure to bring a small supply of plain white printer paper with you each week. You shouldn't need more than about 30 pieces of paper for the entire semester.

Office Hours:
You can find me in TLC CCC on Wednesdays from about 3:30 pm to 4:50 pm. Please stop by if you need any extra help.

Contact Me:
If you need to contact me, the best way is through email. I usually respond to emails within 1 day. You can email me at my Canyons email address and/or at my Hart email address as follows



"Not everything that can be counted counts; and not everything that counts can be counted." --George Gallup


Click here to link to my Golden Valley High School website. Scroll down to the right bottom of the page to find the COC Math 140 tab. There you will find the course syllabus, PP's, handouts, etc. You can also find many useful resources on the main page of the website including information for on-line statistics practice materials, managing test anxiety, on-line graphing calculators, etc.

Please check back with this website (& my GVHS website) often for more/updated information.

COC Math 140 OLI CIS Module 1 to Module 6 Notes 072916.pptxCOC Math 140 OLI CIS Module 1 to Module 6 Notes 072916.pptx