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COC Global

COC Global Meeting Dates (2023/2024)   |   2:00PM - 3:00PM   |   ISP Office (X6) - Room 110
FALL 2023 SPRING 2024
Wednesday, September 6, 2023 Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Wednesday, October 4, 2023 Wednesday, March 6, 2024
Wednesday, November 1, 2023 Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Wednesday, December 6, 2023 Wednesday, May 1, 2024
Email for more information.
Agenda and Meeting minutes can be found on the COC Global Microsoft Team.


What is COC Global?

  • COC Global is where faculty and staff can bring their ideas for internationally-focused:

    • events,
    • programs,
    • grant-funded initiatives, and
    • other globally-oriented endeavors.
  • The Comprehensive Internationalization Advisory Council is focused on providing a forum for faculty to share their expertise on:

    • course and program articulation with overseas partner institutions connected to the College via ISP,
    • policies and procedures impacting comprehensive internationalization on campus, and
    • how to better work with institutional stakeholders and other faculty members.
  • What is Comprehensive Internationalization? CI is a strategic, coordinated framework that integrates policies, programs, initiatives, and individuals to make colleges and universities more globally-oriented and internationally-connected. It frames internationalization as an ongoing process rather than a static goal. Intentional comprehensive internationalization is not an ancillary enterprise, but a means to advance an institution's distinct teaching-research-service mission.

    ace model for ci

Please see our International Projects Handbook for Faculty and Staff for more on how to get involved!

  • Mission:
    To lead students to be successful in a globally interconnected world.

    The CI Committee envisions a future where all students, both domestic and international, will succeed in a world marked by interdependence, diversity, and rapid technological change, by supporting faculty in the development of a comprehensive educational experience that emphasizes global awareness, responsibility, participation, and leadership.

    The CI Committee fosters a climate characterized by civility, collegiality, and acceptance and aims to instill in our students’ honesty, integrity, social responsibility, and ethical behavior. 

  • Advocate (Institution-Focused):
    Advocate for policy and curricular initiatives to advance Comprehensive Internationalization, support the integration of international students into COC campus life, and develop equity-minded student mobility programs.

    Build Support (Student-Focused):
    Build support on campus and among key community stakeholders to advance the interests of international students and further efforts towards Comprehensive Internationalization.

    Contribute (Faculty-Focused):
    Create a wide variety of initiatives in support of faculty professional development and contribute to ongoing faculty efforts to advance Comprehensive Internationalization.

    Develop (Campus Community-Focused):
    Develop greater global cultural competence among students, faculty, and staff to advance Comprehensive Internationalization across COC departments and disciplines.

    Focus (Globally-Engaged):
    Focus on raising COC’s global profile​.


Faculty Opportunities

  • Dr. David Andrus, Political Science Professor and Academic Senate President –

    "As Academic Senate President, I have taken the opportunity to work with ISP to better understand the entirety of programs and student opportunities run out of that office.  I appreciate the collaboration that has resulted in improved alignment of curricular ISP matters.  In 2018, ISP invited me to travel to Beifang University, China to lecture at its law school.  While there, I had numerous meetings with students, as well as regional and local judges and attorneys that work within their legal system.  These interactions, to my satisfaction, enabled me the opportunity to discuss principles of western jurisprudence, to include liberty and equality under the law within the American system; this within a Chinese system dominated by state control.  While traveling to China is not without controversy, I believe this is a successful example of public diplomacy.  My experiences in China have been extraordinarily beneficial to my role as a professor of political science while lecturing COC students on matters of international relations, global politics and foreign policy.”

    David Andrus

    Christina Chung

    Professor Christina Chung, Business –

    “Our International Services and Programs provides faculty with opportunities:

    • To connect with students from around the world;
    • To teach on an international platform; and
    • To network with faculty and exchange ideas.”

    Sarah Ehrsam, Head Athletic Trainer, COC Athletics –

    "What a privilege it was to represent COC in Sweden! From start to finish, Dr J and her ISP team thoroughly prepared and supported me for success on this recruiting trip. As one of the few, if not only, US based representative of a US based institution, the Swedish students were so impressed that our college was so passionate about recruiting them that they sent one of their own employees instead of using an agency. It was a true joy to tell students of the resources and opportunities we could offer them here at College of the Canyons. I am forever grateful to have been able to represent COC in Sweden at the SACO fair."

    Sarah Ehrsam

    James Glapa-Grossklag

    Dean James Glapa-Grossklag, Educational Technology, Learning Resources and Distance Learning –

    “Thanks to ISP’s outreach, I’m able to share the good work that COC does around the world. For example, in Taiwan I’ve spoken with students, parents, professors, media, and local officials about all the things that make COC and Santa Clarita ideal destinations for Taiwanese students. Thanks to ISP’s English Language Program, I’m confident that international students are prepared to succeed in the classroom as well as in the workplace. For example, the Library and TLC know that international students will be capable part-time employees.”

    Professor Gary Collis, Business –

    “ISP arranged for me to join a Fulbright-sponsored delegation of educators to Taiwan through which we witnessed that country's growing use of English in its college classrooms across all disciplines.  I love that ISP strives, through a wonderful assortment of fascinating programs and learning opportunities, to prepare COC educators and students for success in a world that gets smaller each day.  Nothing opens a mind faster than first-hand exposure to new people and different cultures!”

    Gary Collis

    Jason Oliver

    Professor Jason Oliver, Architecture –

    “Collaborating with ISP on a variety of academic projects over the last several years has been particularly enriching to our Architecture students and faculty for professional development. With ISP’s help, we’ve engaged with colleges and universities both in the Western Hemisphere as well as Europe, most recently participating in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition with La Escuela de Ingeniería de ITCA-FEPADE located in Santa Tecla, El Salvador. ISP staff were critical in helping to facilitate the bi-lingual engagement for students from our program with ITCA architecture faculty and students which gave everyone a unique opportunity to compare and contrast industry practices and cultural norms taught at College of the Canyons with to those found in other parts of the world.”

    Professor Larry Alvarez, Administration of Justice  –

    “Dr. Jia-Yi has built an amazing team to include Dr. Tim Honadel, John Garzon, Esq., and Ms. Maritza Munzon.  This team is one of the most attentive teams on Campus.  Their attention to detail, efficiency, and professionalism serve as a model for the rest of the Campus to follow.

    ISP promotes international partnerships and opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.

    The benefits of the programs supported by ISP are endless but most notably include.

                  • Exposure to other cultures, customs, and people.
                  • The experience of trying something new.
                  • Offers a more global perspective.
                  • Forming new lifelong friendships.
                  • Opportunities for international networking.
                  • The ability to compare and contrast varying social, political, economic, religious, and legal systems.
                  • Breaks down divisive national barriers and stereotypes.
                  • Personal and professional growth.
                  • Fosters a sense of teamwork and belonging by sharing experiences with others on Campus.
                  • Strengthens ties to College, improves morale, and serves to re-energize the traveler.
                  • Enables faculty to bring experiences back to the classroom over the long term.  Thus, enriching the classroom experience for students.
                  • Travel is contagious and inspires others to do so.

    My experiences with ISP, including travelling to China in 2019, have been nothing but positive and rewarding.”

    Larry Alvarez

    Brent Riffel

    Dr. Brent Riffel, History –

    “Working with ISP has been a deeply enriching professional experience. I have grown as a colleague through our many meetings to plan how we can better support students and foster a diverse and inclusive educational environment. Participating in an overseas partnership building trip afforded me the chance to make meaningful connections with international institutions, and my summer teaching abroad in Rome was a transformative experience, enabling me to try new approaches to teaching while immersing myself in a unique culture. Overall, my work with the ISP team has not only enhanced my professional skill set but has also deepened my appreciation for the value of open access education, providing me with a renewed sense of purpose here at College of the Canyons.”

    Dr. Saburo Matsumoto, Mathematics –

    “I enjoy building new partnerships with colleges and universities overseas. Students’ lives are changed through these efforts. I am excited that our own COC students can take part in affordable exchange programs to broaden their worldview. I am grateful for ISP’s support for my curriculum-internationalizing (EPIC) fellowship at Stanford University.”

    Saburo Matsumoto

    Charlie Johnson

    Professor Charlie Johnson, Mathematics –

    “Working with ISP over the last few years has been rewarding. I have enjoyed working with an incredible group of globally minded individuals. The highlight of my work was teaching in Rome at John Cabot University in the summer of 2023.”

  • As the International Affairs office continues to expand our international recruitment efforts to different regions, we have also solidified partnerships with various universities and we are looking to send for 1-2 faculty COC Professors to Lecture abroad each academic year (depending on travel restrictions).

    Dates for lecture: After last day of semester (total of 7-10 travel days).
    Travel logistics: ISP will cover the roundtrip airfare and visa (if needed).
    Costs: In-country costs are typically covered by partner schools.

    larry alvarez

    Larry Alvarez, Summer 2019

    david andrus

    David Andrus, Winter 2018

    If you are interested or have questions please contact


International Forum on Youth

Check out COC's Annual International Forum on Youth!

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ISP Partner Institutions

Click here or on the map below to visit an interactive map of ISP's Global Partners!

map of isp partners













Institution Country Region Program(s) of Focus Project(s) in Progress Photo
A. Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University Kazakhstan Asia, Central General Courses Prospective Grant a baitursynov
American University of Rome Italy Europe General Courses Study Abroad rome
APEX Foundation Taiwan Asia, East   Educational opportunity for students in Taiwan apex
Centro Universitario EUSA Spain Europe Communications,
Study Abroad eusa
Charles Sturt University Australia Oceania General Courses Study Abroad charles sturt
Dong-A University South Korea Asia, East Business Study Abroad dong-a
EHL Hospitality Business School Switzerland Europe Hotel/Restaurant Management Site Visit ehl
Florence University Of The Arts - The American University of Florence | FUA-AUF Italy Europe Media/Arts Study Abroad,
Faculty Lecture Exchange
Georgian National University SEU Georgia Eurasia Education,
Prospective Grant
Glasgow Caledonian University United Kingdom Europe Hotel/Restaurant Management,
Study Abroad
IMI International Management Institute Switzerland Switzerland Europe Hotel/Restaurant Management Study Abroad,
John Cabot University Italy Europe General Courses Study Abroad john cabot
Kansai University of International Studies Japan Asia, East Business Short Term Courses kansai
Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies Japan Asia, East General Courses Study Abroad nagasaki
National Taipei University of Business Taiwan Asia, East Business Study Abroad, Prospective Grant taipei
Rennes School of Business France Europe Business Articulation rennes
Richmond American University London United Kingdom Europe General Courses Articulation richmond
Spiru Haret University Romania Europe Sustainability Micro-Hub,
spiru haret
Technological University of the Shannon Ireland Europe Hotel/Restaurant Management Articulation,
Study Abroad
Temple University Japan Japan Asia, East General Courses Summer Courses,
Study Abroad
Thomas More University of Applied Sciences Belgium Europe Media/Arts,
Study Abroad,
thomas more
Transport and Telecommunication Institute Latvia Europe Computer Science,
Articulation tsi
Universidad de Antioquia Colombia America, Latin General Courses Study Abroad,
Language School
Universidad De Chile - Faculty of Architecture And Urbanism Chile America, Latin Architecture,
Language School,
Instructor Training
Universidad de Ibagué Colombia America, Latin General Courses 100K Grant ibague
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras Honduras America, Latin ESL Language School,
Instructor Training
University for the Creative Arts United Kingdom Europe Media/Arts,
Study Abroad,
Non-Credit Courses
University of Brighton United Kingdom Europe Business,
Study Abroad,
University of Canberra Australia Oceania General Courses Articulation,
Study Abroad
University of Dundee United Kingdom Europe Media/Arts,
Study Abroad
University of New York in Prague Czech Republic Europe Political Science Articulation,
Study Abroad
Univesitá Telematica Internazionale Uninettuno Italy Europe General Courses Study Abroad utiu





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