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ISP Education Abroad

Upcoming Opportunities!

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Please check back soon for more upcoming opportunities or contact our office to learn more about education abroad.

In the meantime, please review our list of partner schools to see if you may be interested in studying or transferring abroad!



Gilman Scholarship


Gilman Scholarship Program

   Scholarship Benefits:
  • Aid up to $5,000 for American citizens to pursue overseas study for college credit.
  • Students who will study a critical need language while abroad are eligible to apply for additional funding, up to $3,000.
  • The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program provides scholarships to U.S. undergraduates with financial need for study abroad.
  • The program aims to encourage students to study & intern in a diverse array of countries or areas & world regions.
Contact Gilman
(800) 852-2141, Ext 1


Program Types


Exchange Programs

    • 1:1 student exchange with partners schools abroad
    • Tuition-free
    • May have credit transfer implications

Partnership Programs

    • Reduced tuition/fees with partner Universities
    • Length ranges between 10 days to a semester
    • May or may not have credit transfer implications

Transfer Abroad

    • Transfer to a University abroad to complete a Bachelor's degree, some with reduced tuition
    • Transfer university decides on credit transfer

Study Abroad


Application Process

  1. Attend an Informational Meeting hosted by the ISP Office (usually on the first Friday of each month)
    • Required before an individual appointment can be made
    • Research programs based on your academic goals, if needed
  2. After attending the informational meeting, schedule a meeting at the ISP office to review the application
  3. Create a budget and research funding options
  4. Meet with an academic advisor to complete a comprehensive education plan
  5. If selected, schedule an interview with ISP

For additional inforamtuon, please refer to the Education Abroad Handbook.


Education Abroad Schools

The above opportunities are specific programs being offered to our students at this time. The institutions listed below are schools that ISP works with directly where our students can study at or transfer to. Please contact ISP if you are interested in studying at or transferring to one of these schools and we will help you to achieve your education goals abroad.



The American University of Rome

Rome, Italy

General Courses

Program Type(s): Education Abroad

The American University of Rome (AUR) is a degree-granting American university in Rome, Italy. AUR is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the United States and is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education as an American University duly authorized to operate in Italy as a Foreign Higher Education Institution. The American University of Rome's degrees, accompanied by a Statement of Comparability or a Dichiarazione di Valore (Certified Degree Equivalency) is valid for admission to Italian graduate degree programs such as the laurea magistrale or Italian first level Master programs.



CEFAM International School of Management

Lyon, France


Program Type(s): Education Abroad, Transfer Abroad

CEFAM International School of Management’s mission is to provide a high-quality, international business education, combining the American academic model with competency-driven engage learning experience, to produce graduates able to define their own vision of academic, professional and personal success while excelling in the international management career they have chosen.



EUSA Seville

Seville, Spain

Discipline(s): Design, Journalism, Film & TV, Management, Business, Tourism

Program Type(s): Education Abroad

EUSA is one of the educational components that constitute the Campus of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, a unique configuration with two locations in Seville, in the heart of the city and on La Cartuja. The campus has a current student population of over 2000 with 15% internationals. This exceptional learning environment is directly linked to the world of business and labour market needs. EUSA promotes innovation and creativity with unique learning pathways. Other components of the campus include our Vocational Training School, Nuevas Profesiones and the Escuela de Negocios Business School. We complete our academic offering for visiting students with Spanish Language and Culture courses provided in a wide range of formats. EUSA and Seville are a great opportunity for international students willing to live a life-changing experience.



Florence University of the Arts - The American University of Florence

Florence, Italy

Hotel Management/Hospitality, Culinary Arts

Program Type(s): Semester Abroad, Summer Abroad

Florence University of the Arts-The American University of Florence is the academic entity of the Palazzi Foundation, a nonprofit that fosters cultural integration within the city of Florence. FUA has several schools offering a rich array of academic disciplines and seeks to offer academics and projects related to cultural integration to its very diverse international student body. The academics under FUA cover a vast range of subjects and areas, focused primarily on the arts and design. FUA strives to uphold a unique approach to global and local learning by implementing international cultural integration through its academics and practices.

  • Special partnership pricing
  • Internships available
  • Located in city center of Florence

John Cabot


John Cabot University

Rome, Italy

General Courses

Program Type(s): Education Abroad

John Cabot University is a private, American-style university in Rome, Italy. It was founded in 1972 and offers undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and study abroad programs to English-speaking students. COC is pursuing education abroad (semester-long) and faculty teaching abroad collaborations with them.



Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies

Nagasaki, Japan

Japanese Language, Culture, History, & Business

Program Type(s): Bilateral Exchange, Semester Abroad

Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies is an independent, co-educational four-year liberal arts university. The school’s roots go back to the months after the city had been reduced to ashes by the atomic bomb. The little school in a church stood as a symbol of the will that characterized Japan’s postwar recovery: to rebuild its shattered world as a society dedicated to peace and understanding.

As part of ISP's partnership building and outreach effort, NUFS will accept a limited number of COC students to study at their university tuition-free for 2022-2023.

  • Limited space available
  • Enroll in non-credit communication classes at COC
  • Scholarship available for housing
  • Tuition-free



Queen Margaret University

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Sociology, Psychology, Hotel/Restaurant Management, Media/Arts

Program Type(s): Semester Abroad, Year Abroad

QMU was founded in 1875, located on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland in a very safe, beautiful location. They currently host 5,500 students on campus, plus 3,000 studying with their int'l partners (they have students from about 90 different countries). QMU has two primary schools: Health Sciences and Arts, and Social Science and Management. QMU is accustomed to working with US and Canadian universities and has experience in forming articulation agreements with other institutions of higher education; they even have an existing exchange agreement with the California State University at Chico.



Rennes School of Business

Rennes, France


Program Type(s): Transfer Abroad, B.A., Masters Degree

Rennes School of Business is considered to be the most international School of Management in Europe. With 95% of faculty members being non-French, 55% foreign students, classes in English and a network of more than 350 partner universities worldwide, Rennes School of Business gives the students a unique opportunity to learn in a continuous international environment from first year to graduation. Rennes School of Business specializes in a 2+1 program, whereby community college students majoring in Business (or related areas) can receive a bachelor's degree in 1 year after transferring. The instruction is entirely in English and US students may use FAFSA to pay for its costs.

  • Internships available



Richmond American University London

London, England, UK

American Studies, Art History, Business Management, Communications, Computer Science, Economics, Film, Finance, International Relations, Marketing, Political Science, Psychology

Program Type(s): Education Abroad, Transfer Abroad

Richmond American University London offers its students the chance to graduate with not only a UK accredited degree but also a US degree.



Temple University Japan

Tokyo, Japan

General Courses

Program Type(s): Summer Abroad

Semester, academic year and summer programs for U.S. undergraduates. Fall, spring, and 10-week summer semester study abroad students take classes alongside degree-seeking Japanese students, as well as other degree-seeking international students from over 60 countries. Courses include Japanese language at all levels, for native and non-native speakers, and courses in anthropology;  art; art history; Asian studies; communications studies; economics; history; international business studies; journalism; media studies and production; political science and psychology. Instruction is in English. Internship opportunities are available.

Thomas More


Thomas More University of Applied Sciences

Mechelen, Flanders, Belgium

STEM, Media/Arts, Communications

Program Type(s): Transfer Abroad

Thomas More University of Applied Sciences is an applied sciences university in Belgium, focused more on STEM and related areas, along with business, hospitality and communication/media studies. They have a long history of building international partnerships and have extensive experience with student mobility. There is particular interest in working with them in the substantive areas of Media/Entertainment Arts and Communications, as well in building student exchange arrangements with their institution.



Universidad de Chile Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

Santiago, Chile

Design, Architecture, Sustainability, Geography, English

Program Type(s): Language, Education Abroad



University for the Creative Arts

Farnham, England, UK

Media/Arts, Design, Sustainability

Program Type(s): Bilateral Exchange, Semester Abroad

UCA was recognized as a university in 2004; it comprises a series of campuses in southeast of England. Currently has just under 8,000 students (including many international students). It is a top-ranking specialist university with Gold TEF rating (a teaching standard in the UK). UCA offers 130 different Art and Design programs, with an academic staff including BAFTA and Oscar winners (the Creator of Peppa Pig was on the academic staff). Employability of students is an absolute focus of UCA; they also consider it important to connect students with social events in the area.



University of Brighton

Brighton, England, UK

Hotel Management/Hospitality, Culinary Arts

Program Type(s): Semester Abroad, Year Abroad

Brighton is known for its strong student services (the ethos at Brighton is one where staff get to know students by name) as well as its coastal location, just an hour from London by train. It has 20,000 students, including 3,000 international students. Senior management at Brighton is committed to comprehensive campus internationalization. The school has faculties with a strong international inclination, particularly its Business and Media departments.


University of New York in Prague

Prague, Czechia

Political Science

Program Type(s): Education Abroad

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) was founded in 1998 and is offering American and Czech University degrees delivered fully in English from the central European city of Prague. UNYP has a long history and degree partnership with the State University of New York, specifically, The State University of New York, Empire State College (SUNY, ESC). UNYP remains one of the largest English language higher-education institutions in the Czech Republic.



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