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Project Super Bloom PAC Electoral Internship Program

Project Super Bloom is a youth-led organization that enables young people to get their voicesheard in California politics. We support candidates who fight for our futures by taking actionon the most pressing issues facing our generation, like stopping the climate crisis andstanding up for social justice.
We think young people aren’t just voters but are a crucial part ofbuilding effective campaigns, which is why Project Super Bloom gives young people a seat atthe strategy table on political campaigns.

Project Super Bloom is running an internship program that will give students the opportunityto immerse themselves in political organizing, learning from experts in campaign finance,fundraising, policy, and electoral politics.

Students will then apply the knowledge they gain toa local campaign where they will act as a youth strategist on the campaign team, meetingwith state candidates for office, and help devise a plan to win.

This program will run from January through June of 2022. Communication for this internshipwill happen over zoom and in person with the Super Bloom regional field organizer, managinginterns from your area. This program requires 5-8 hours per week of interns.

Participants in this internship program will be responsible for maintaining relationships withlocal campaigns, hosting canvass events, and building out a team of local organizers to actas a support team for a local campaign.


Skills You'll Leave With:

  • Designing a winning field strategy
  • Managing a team
  • Setting goals to Get Out the Vote
  • Launching canvassing events
  • Executing
  • relational organizing
  • Hosting phone banks and text banks
  • Digital organizing
  • Campaign communications
  • Recruitment and outreach

Knowledge You'll Leave With:

  •  How to build equitable, just, and connective organizing spaces
  • How to build a well-functioning and effective team
  • How to be a compelling story-teller for your campaign
  • How deep canvassing can be used to enhance electoral organizing by connecting with your community