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Understanding the Propositions (2020)

In an effort to make the propositions on the upcoming ballot more comprehensible, I provide a non-partisan explanation of their impact should they become law. I am solely responsible for the content of the videos. Dr. Phil Gussin

Propositions November 2020 (Introduction)

Proposition 14: Stem Cell Research (Bond)

Update: The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board recommeds a "NO" vote on Proposition 14. 

Proposition 15: Local Governments Tax Property

Proposition 16: Repeal of Proposition 209 (Affirmative Action)

Proposition 17: Voting Rights for Persons on Parole

Proposition 18: Primary Voting for 17-year-olds

Proposition 19: Property Tax Transfers, Exemptions, Wildfire Agencies

Proposition 20: Criminal Sentencing, Parole, DNA collection

Proposition 21: Local Rent Control Initiative

Proposition 22: App-based Drivers as Independent Contractors

Proposition 23: Dialysis Clinic Requirements

Proposition 24: Consumer Personal Information Laws

Proposition 25: Replacing Cash bail with Risk Assessments


Note: I would like to thank Prof. James de Bree (CSUN), CPA for the insights he provided as I developed these videos.