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Contact Faculty / Office Hours

Dean - Mr. Chad Peters, (661) 362-3491
Administrative Assistant - Ms. Lauren Anderson, (661) 362-3742

Equipment Manager - Mr. Mike Halcovich,, West PE 107
Equipment Manager - Mr. Matt Tapia,, West PE 107

Full-Time Faculty

Brittany Applen, Professor  

Chris Cota, Professor
Head Baseball Coach
West PE 16

Robert Dos Remedios, Professor      West PE 12


Howard Fisher, Professor                    Head Men's Basketball Coach
West PE 021

Leora Gabay, Assoc. Professor     
West PE 

Lisa Hooper, Professor                        Head Women's Volleyball Coach       
East PE 126


Ted Iacenda, Professor                        Head Football Coach 

Belinda Kane, Professor                      Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach         
West PE 023

Justin Lundin, Professor                      Head Women's Soccer Coach
West PE 17A



Phil Marcellin, Professor                      Head Men's Soccer Coach
West PE 020

Diana Stanich, Professor     
East PE 125

John Wissmath, Professor
Head Softball & Heads Women's Basketball Coach
West PE



Adjunct Faculty

David Banks
Adjunct Asst. Football Coach

Lucas Bongarra
Adjunct Asst. Men's Soccer Coach

Carlos Colon                                      Adjunct Asst. Football Coach 

Dan Corbet                                            Adjunct Asst. Football Coach 

Natalie Corbet

Marc Dumlao
Adjunct  Asst. Football Coach 


Ruben Escobar

Alaina Garcia                                      Adjunct Asst. Women's Basketball Coach 

Denean Hill                                        Adjunct Asst. Cross Country & Track and Field Coach   

Garrett Hooper
Adjunct Recreation Management Professor

Andrew Jones                                  Adjunct Asst. Women's Soccer Coach 

Carol Johnston                                  Adjunct



Sean Kakumu                                    Adjunct Head Swim & Dive Coach 

Patty LaBat
Adjunct Head Women's Tennis Coach

Bryan Morales                                  Adjunct 

Seth Oseranksy                                Adjunct Asst. Football Coach 

Ryan Paramo                                        Adjunct Asst. Baseball Coach

Chad Peters                                      Adjunct Athletic Director


Gary Peterson
Adjunct Head Coach Men's/Women's Golf

Clay Timmons
Adjunct Head Women's Volleyball Coach

Jerome Wright
Adjunct Asst. Football Coach