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17th Annual Sociology Lecture Series, Fall 2019

Many Insights, Many Stories

Contact Professor Sheldon Helfing for information about the Lecture Series.  The Lecture Series invites faculty, students, staff, and the community to attend.  

Thursdays, 11:10 a.m. - 12:15 p.m., Aliso Hall Lecture Room 108


Thursday, October 24, FLEX #403F
"Good Fruit” Gabriella Fenelon, Student, Writer, and Performer in Solopalooza, Under the Direction of Susan Hinshaw, Professor, Theatre Department

The coming of age dramatic presentation and coming-out story of a young woman trying her best to navigate the choppy waters of self-acceptance. She grapples with the ideas of religion, family, and self-doubt as they relate to her newfound discovery of her sexuality.


Thursday, October 31, FLEX #404F, "Disability in Higher Education: A Multidimensional Approach for Students, Educators, and Advocates", Erin Hall, Student

As more students with unique abilities and needs pursue higher education, avenues are being created to increase accessibility and inclusion within the higher education framework. Erin Hall, herself an education advocate and disabled student, explores these avenues and the changing needs of disabled students within the educational system.


Thursday, November 7, FLEX Pending, “How Hispanic-Serving Institutions are Supporting Undocumented Students", Hernan Ramirez, Assistant Professor, Sociology

An overview of how Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) are supporting undocumented students and examining the sociological research that captures the experiences of undocumented students on college campuses throughout the United States.


Thursday, November 14, FLEX Pending, “Our Company: y/our friends”, Michael Nitzani, Adjunct Professor, Sociology

How technologically intermediated relationships vis-à-vis social platforms are changing up our social world leading to new pathways for social interaction, demands for content moderation, and avenues for conducting social research.