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Study Abroad 

Are you interested in studying abroad while completing your degree or transfer requirements? Complete a study abroad program with COC and earn credit towards your local U.S. degree transferable to CSU and UC systems while exploring the world.

College of the Canyons offers students the opportunity to broaden their exposure to other people and cultures. Students who participate in these college courses will experience cultures, places, and ideas first-hand while acquiring knowledge and skills for living in an interdependent and culturally diverse world.  Students not only learn about other cultures, but also reflect about their own creating a lasting impact on their world view. Students gain numerous skills from a study abroad experience such as cultural sensitivity, adaptability, intercultural communication, problem-solving to mention a few.  Students are encouraged to engage in a study abroad experience as it will enhance their education and will add a unique competetive advantage professionally.   

Summer 2023 Program to Peru has been postponed.