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Classified Representative Organizations

What does The Senate do?

  • Assures classified voices and ideas are reasonably considered (e.g. practices, culture, policy, planning, professional involvement, accreditation, committees, statements, reports, socials, research, events, etc.)
  • Disseminates information back to members
  • Acts on the classified staff's behalf in matters of participatory governance.


What does The Union Do?

  • The Union serves as a voice for its members on all things related to your working conditions, (e.g. salary, benefits, reclasses, discipline, terminations, staffing, vacations, grievances, job duties.)
  • Involves and represents members on Collective Bargaining and Negotiations

Still not sure who to go to and want a simple trick?

  • Ask does the issue impact the COLLEGE or does it relate to my CONTRACT?
  • When its about your job duties/contract, it's probably Union.
  • When its about something that impacts the college as a whole (broader focus), its probably the Senate.

 Other representative groups: