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Classified Staff


Serving on Collegial and Operational Committees

Collegial Consultation Committees are a reflection of the spirit and requirement outlined in Assembly Bill 1725 (1988): "the right to participate effectively in district and college governance, and the opportunity to express their opinions at the campus level and to ensure that these opinions are given every reasonable consideration, and the right of academic senates to assume primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum and academic standards." These committees draw their membership from all employee groups and may include student or community representation. They are charged with examining issues relevant to their particular area of focus, fostering dialog on possible solutions, and ultimately making recommendations for moving forward.

College of the Canyons Committee Operational Procedures

Section b)

  • Unless designated otherwise in the procedures associated with this policy, committee member appointments will be made in the following manner: Faculty members will be appointed by the president of the Academic Senate. Classified staff members will be appointed by the president of the Classified Senate. Student members will be appointed by the president of the Associated Student Government. Other committee members will be appointed by the Chancellor.

Classified employees are STRONGLY encouraged by the Classified Senate to participate in college governance through committee attendance and participation. This list contains the most up-to-date information regarding which classified employees are assigned to which committees. If you are currently serving on a committee and do not see your name/committee on this list, please inform the Classified Senate ASAP.

Committee Reports

You may submit your committee report by dropping it off at the Classified Senate mailbox in the mailroom, emailing the report to any of the Senate officers, or by submitting your report through our the:

Online Report Submission Page

Please note: One Report Submission page will be activated soon.

Submitted reports will be read at the regular Classified Senate chapter meeting.


Collegial Consultation Committee List

Advocacy Team

The College of the Canyons Advocacy Committee meets regularly to discuss legislative issues and plan advocacy strategies.

Classified Member(s) serving: Patrick Backes

College Planning Team

The College Planning Team is the campus body that oversees the planning efforts of the college, evaluates the college’s effectiveness, works to integrate college data into planning processes across the campus, ensures (via pro-gram review, data analysis and self-study) that those efforts are tied to the college’s strategic plan and vision for the future, and initiates redesign efforts on campus. A committee within CPT is the Performance Indicators Committee. This committee sets targets for performance indicators, monitors progress to achieving targets, and analyzes strategies for achieving targets across the college.

Classifed Member(s) serving: Justin Hunt

College Policy Council

Responding to proposed changes in district policy, the CPC meets on an as-needed basis to review policy changes and new district policies proposed by the Academic Senate, Student Senate, Classified Senate, and Administration. CPC is comprised of representatives from the faculty, classified, administration and student leadership. The CPC’s review of proposed policy is the last stop prior to presentation to the Board of Trustees. Such reviews consider consistency with existing policy, compliance with education code, Title 5, and applicable laws. Additionally, CPC considers the appropriateness of the proposed policies, or modifications, in relation to established District goals and objectives.

Classified Member(s) serving: Cynthia Madia and Evis Wilson

Facilities Master Plan Task Force

This committee has three main objectives: To review progress toward the completion of the college's Master Plan for facility development; to identify off-campus sites for educational delivery; and to identify projects for funding in the area of capital outlay.

Classified Member(s) serving: Janet Cetrone

President's Advisory Council Budget (PAC-B)

The President's Advisory Council-Budget (PAC-B) is designed to provide oversight of the development of the budget, encourage understanding of the budget on an ongoing basis and work to ensure that the budget allocation process is driven by campus-wide planning and strategic priorities.

Classfied Member(s) serving: Collette Blanchard, Andrea Varney

Technology Committee

Promotes, evaluates, and recommends new technology for the District. Conducts discussion on upcoming trends in technology. Creates and executes the Technology Master Plan for the District.

Classified Member(s) serving: Scott McAfee

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee’s primary focus is to bring employees and administration together to provide and maintain a safe workplace, and to ensure the safety and welfare of employees and students. Issues of safety are referred to this team for discussion, action or policy recommendation. The Safety Committee serves to facilitate and encourage employee knowledge about safe work practices and accident prevention.

Classified Member(s) serving: Janet Cetrone and Nancy Duffy


Operational Committees List

Bookstore Committee

Classified Member(s) serving: Debbie Morlett

EEO Advisory Committee

Classified Member(s) serving: Classified Member(s) serving: Dori Wolfenstein

Food Service Committee

Classified Member(s) serving: Nancy Duffy

Student Equity Committee

(part of the Institutional Effectiveness and Inclusive Excellence Committee)

Classified Member(s) serving: Catherine Parker and Andrea Varney