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Classified Senate Spirit Award


This award is presented to a Classified Professional that advocates for fellow Classified employees. This individual acts selflessly to bring forward the perspectives of Classified Professionals within the decision-making processes of the College. Their outstanding contributions help to improve the District, while motiving others and being a change agent within the institution. Criteria for this award may include that they:

  1. Serve on one or more District committees, especially as a collegial consultation representative.
  2. Serve as a campus leader, such as chairing or co-chairing a committee, acting as a mentor to others, being an officer or board member of a Classified representative body, or helping to enact or inform new College practices, policies, or programs.
  3. Exemplifies Classified employee professionalism, both in their work and in their advocacy for others.

Congratulations to our past Classified Senate Spirit Award Recipients: 

Fred Bobola, Classified, Instructional Laboratory Coordinator, TLC 

Michael Monsour, Classified, Student Services Analyst