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Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)          

CASL' s SLO Assessment Recommendation Approved by the College of the Canyons Academic Senate: 

"CASL recommends that all Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) are fully assessed every
three years. Fully assessed SLOs include the following parts: completed data collection
(scorecard), completed reflection templates, department discussion of results, and an
action plan documenting the discussion and plans for the future." 

The full text is found at the Academic Senate Resources Page through this link: Academic Senate Approved SLO Assessment Recommendation

SLO Definition: 

Student Learning Outcomes are measurable cognitive, psychomotor, or affective skills or knowledge acquired, which embody the overarching goals of a courseprogram or student service unit. Both courses and programs have SLOs.

Institutional Learning Outcomes: 

The Institutional Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) are the umbrella that all degree, program, and course-level outcomes are housed under. Students acquire knowledge and skills through their coursework and in co-curricular activities. When students graduate with a degree/certificate, transfer to university, or enter the workforce, they should have evidence that demonstrate the Institutional Learning Outcomes.

Current ISLOS:
Critical Thinking
Effective Verbal Communication
Effective Writen Communication
Creative and Innovative Thinking
Information Literary
Quantitative Literacy
Community Engagement
Global Resposibility

Curriculum Mapping

Course SLOs should be aligned with the program SLOs for the program that the course belongs to. Some courses will be aligned with a degree or certificate program, some with an institutional-level program (like GE or College Skills), while still others may belong to both a degree or certificate and also an institutional-level program.

Curriculum Mapping Template


HOW DO I?- Click here for SLO and Assessment practical
instructions and prompts. 

ISLO Historical Data

2008-2013  ISLO work 

2013 -2015 ISLO work 

Previous ISLOs Proposals